Analyst predicts a bitcoin rebound by 2019 – CNBC

CNBCAnalyst predicts a bitcoin rebound by 2019CNBCAnalyst predicts a bitcoin rebound by 2019. 2 Hours Ago. Todd Gordon of discusses his prediction for a Bitcoin drop to 4,000 before a rebound to 10,000. Watch CNBC Live TV …

San Francisco Music Festival Goes Crypto to Stop Scalpers

In the first of its kind, the ‘OUR Music Festival’ (OMF) in San Francisco has opted for a DLT ticket purchase system, reports EconoTimes. The idea of running the festival using blockchain ticketing is thought to have originated to overcome a prevailing history of scalping – the purchasing of bulk numbers of tickets and reselling […]

Top 3 Blockchain Technologies Poised to Save Businesses Time and Money on KYC

The costs of complying with due diligence processes like KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) are rising. With financial firms regularly spending 8.4x their average compliance costs on KYC amidst growing client complaints about poor KYC experiences, KYC is becoming a growing balance sheet and relationship management liability. Businesses can benefit from investments in blockchain technology, which […]

Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Sinks to New Low

At press time, bitcoin has shrunk down to $6,100 – the lowest it’s been in nearly four months. All the talk of bitcoin developing newfound resistance appears to be moot; the coin remains as vulnerable as ever, and traders should brace themselves for bitcoin to strike the $5,000 range next. The problems seem to be […]

Swiss Government Official Calls for More Crypto and Blockchain Education

A Swiss councilor has delivered a speech in Bern, Switzerland, suggesting that students at schools should be given some awareness of how digitalization works as part of the curriculum. Crypto-friendly Switzerland, with its crypto havens and government support of soft legislation for cryptocurrency exchanges, sees its entire economy being influenced by new technology, of which […]

Bitcoin is tanking hard, taking every other coin along for the ride – BGR

BGRBitcoin is tanking hard, taking every other coin along for the rideBGRIt’s another crypto bloodbath, Bitcoin fans. Very early on Friday, prices started dropping more than usual. It all seemed like just another regular start of the day. Bitcoin and the entire market have been on a continued downward trend for weeks, as …Bitcoin price […]

Mt. Gox Creditors Get New Avenue for Recovering Bitcoin Losses – Bloomberg

BloombergMt. Gox Creditors Get New Avenue for Recovering Bitcoin LossesBloombergIn Japanese bankruptcy proceedings, non-monetary claims such as Bitcoin are converted into traditional money based on the value of the asset at the start of the proceedings, the statement said. That would mean creditors wouldn’t reap the rewards of the …Mt. Gox Crypto Exchange Begins Civil Rehabilitation […]

Bitcoin is melting as bad news piles up – Quartz

QuartzBitcoin is melting as bad news piles upQuartzBitcoin prices are falling off a cliff as a growing heap of bad news for the crypto market piles up. Government regulators in Japan slapped six exchange operators with business improvement orders, whil…