Litecoin, EOS, Stellar Lumens, Tron, IOTA Technical Analysis: Bitcoin Dominance at 53.25% as Altcoins Register Losses

Though there are attempts of higher highs now that most coins are yet to break away from key support lines and still trading inside that strong bullish engulfing candlestick of Aug 17, odds are today sellers might snap back and confirm the eight month bear trend. As seen from the chart, Litecoin, Tron, Stellar and… […]

Ask The Expert – Calvin Ayre

Elizabeth White, CEO of the White Company, will be asking the hard hitting questions that you actually want answers to. White connects the world of global payments for consumers and merchants, providing real world solutions for the cryptocurrency community. In her new, weekly column “Ask The Expert,” White will ask your questions, as well as some of her own, to the most prominent […]

$800K US Government Funding Granted to Scientific Blockchain Project

The University of California-San Diego has received a staggering USD 818,433 grant for a blockchain-based project named “Open Science Chain” (OSC). OSC is proposed as a platform that allows for researchers to access and verify the data gathered by numerous scientific experiments. The project will be led by Subhashini Sivagnanam, a software architect and researcher […]

Two Things That Don’t Mix Well: Bitcoin Rehypothecation And Chain Forks – Forbes

ForbesTwo Things That Don’t Mix Well: Bitcoin Rehypothecation And Chain ForksForbesSeveral astute readers asked follow-up questions about the risks facing Wall Street amid a Bitcoin chain fork, a topic that I introduced in a recent piece (here). Put simply, chain forks and rehypothecated bitcoins don’t mix well and could …and more »

Ryuk Ransomware Targets Businesses with Bitcoin Demands, Links to North Korea?

A new, highly targeted ransomware attack has been affecting large businesses. The Ryuk operation demands that victims make large Bitcoin payments for the return of their files. Is Ryuk Ransomware Connected to North Korea’s Lazarus Group? The Ryuk ransomware attack has been exposed by security company Check Point. In a lengthy report, the firm states… […]

Satoshi’s 1 Million Bitcoin Haul Could Be Smaller Than First Thought

Bitcoin’s elusive creator Satoshi Nakamoto owns 1 million BTC, plus a corresponding number of BCH and other forked coins. That’s always been what we were led to believe, ever since a 2013 analysis by Sergio Lerner. A new analysis by Bitmex Research has now called that figure into doubt, suggesting that Satoshi’s stack, while still […]

Bitcoin Continues Making Inroads in Islamic Finance

Exposing more consumers, corporations, and investors to the cryptocurrency industry can be done in multiple ways. One area often overlooked is Islamic finance, even though it can play a major role of importance. The First Islamic Crypto Exchange is an example of what the future may hold for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and Islamic […]

More Staff Exits Follow BitTorrent Inventor’s Departure After TRON Acquisition

Staff departures appear to be picking up at the world’s largest peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing network BitTorrent after a publicized takeover in July by blockchain company TRON. BitTorrent was acquired for USD 140 million by TRON, a blockchain-based entertainment content sharing platform that also utilizes P2P network technology. Inventor’s quiet departure In late July, a BitTorrent […]

Crypto Startup Pundi X To Power Blockchain Payments at Ultra Music Festival in Taiwan

Leading blockchain payments provider Pundi X and its XPASS card platform will power transactions for over 30,000 XPASS holders at the annual Ultra Music Festival in Taipei, Taiwan. Ultra Attendees Can Pay with XPASS at 35 Retail Outlets The largest independent electronic dance music festival promotion in the world, Ultra Music Festival, will see their… […]

Getting Paid to Watch Porn Is No Longer a Dream

An interesting connection between porn and cryptocurrency has become apparent over the years. Various content providers are experimenting with cryptocurrency payments, with varying degrees of success. Tube8, one of the Pornhub subsidiaries, will soon reward viewers with Vice Industry Tokens. Getting paid to watch porn is slowly becoming a reality. Rewarding Porn Viewers With VIT […]