Ethereum Declining Rapidly Relative to Bitcoin

After enjoying a year of popularity for its smart contract functionality, Ethereum has seen a rapid general decline relative to Bitcoin, with a dominance percentage hovering at 14% and dropping, while Bitcoin’s is at 54% and rising. It has been the second most popular cryptocurrency since 2017. For a brief time in June 2017 it […]

Turkey’s Currency Instability Pushing People to Bitcoin

Remember when cryptos were deemed unusable because, unlike fiat, they were volatile? The tables are gradually turning and Turkey is the latest case. The country’s currency, the lira, has recently experienced a drastic drop in its value relative to the US dollar which has quickly drawn comparisons with Bitcoin. Faced with an economic crisis and […]

Trading Bitcoin Declared Illegal in Saudi Arabia Despite the Great Strides Made

Trading cryptocurrencies is illegal in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as they are high risk to traders and are out of the government’s supervision. This is according to a statement issued on August 12 by a standing committee comprised of regulators from various government institutions. The statement made it clear that no entities are licensed […]

DMarket Brings Blockchain Innovation to Mass Gaming Audience

Collaboration between the blockchain-based marketplace and a global entertainment giant benefits the whole gaming community. DMarket Token (DMT) finished in July as one of the top performing cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world. Up nearly 300% at its peak, the DMT drew increased attention to the project it belongs to. DMarket is a global virtual items… […]

10-Year Token Payment Delay Show Rare Developer Commitment

Beijing-based startup Nebulas has made the decision to postpone the initial coin offering (ICO) team’s token payments. They added an additional seven years to prove their determination for the company’s success, in a rare case of altruism for the lambasted industry. The ICO team were initially planned to be paid through reserves of the startup’s […]

Meca Casino Wants to Reinvent Digital Casino Ownership and Provide a Unique Gaming Experience

MECA Casino, a blockchain-based 3D social casino game project, aims to change the paradigm of online casino games by tackling three factors – trust, ownership, and entertainment. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article One of the pain points of online casino games is credibility. There is no easy way to assure players that online gaming […]

Arthur Hayes’ $5,000 Prediction Draws Ever Closer As Market Drops

Cryptocurrency price predictions have become as plentiful as trees in a forest, but many never come to fruition. Nonetheless, with the crypto market’s move lower, some have begun to believe that Arthur Hayes’ $5k prediction could be in store for Bitcoin. From $5k To $50k — Arthur Hayes’ Extreme Bitcoin Prediction Arthur Hayes, the CEO… […]