Bitcoin Gold Hacked for $18 Million

It appears Bitcoin Gold (BTG) has been double spend attacked over and over again, totalling something in the neighborhood of $18 million at current prices. BTG forums seem to have been tracking the hack, going as far back as last week, monitoring the controversial coin’s hashrate, ultimately determining a 51% attack was under way. Also […]

Bitcoin Today: Prices Continue Skid Toward $7000 as DOJ Launches Investigation – Bitcoin Today: Prices Continue Skid Toward $7000 as DOJ Launches InvestigationTheStreet.comBitcoin faced the prospect of falling to $7,000 Thursday as prices continued this week’s downward momentum. Early morning trading saw bitcoin hit its lowest price since April 12 at $7,270. Here’s what you need to know in crypto for Thursday, May 24. and more »

Economic Savant Martin Weiss Claims Crypto Safer Than Banks

Martin D Weiss, founder of Weiss Ratings Agency has made new predictions concerning proposed legislation aimed at making changes to the Volcker Rule, according to Weiss  Cryptocurrency Ratings. Next week, US Congress is expected to move towards changing parts of the Dodd-Franks Law, known as the Volcker Rule, writes the New York Times.  The bill, aimed […]

China Arrests 98, Recovers Record $266M from OneCoin Ponzi

The Zhuzhou County Procuratorate in Hunan Province, China has arrested and prosecuted 98 people associated with the OneCoin cryptocurrency pyramid scheme, and has recovered CNY 1.7 billion (approximately USD 266 million at time of writing) in the process. This is the largest number of people involved in an investigation and the largest amount of economic […]

What Is Facebook Going to Do with Blockchain Tech?

Facebook’s silence around blockchain was deafening. Louder still were the voices of speculation over its lack of comment. If one of the largest tech companies in the world wasn’t jumping on the blockchain train, perhaps the whole thing was smoke and mirrors after all. Then Bitcoin nose-dived, Facebook banned cryptocurrency ads, and blockchain skeptics had a […]

Growing Rumours Speculate About Bitfinex’s Link with Puerto Rico’s Noble Bank

Additional evidence is emerging to link the mysterious cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex to the island of Puerto Rico. According to ‘people with knowledge of the matter,’ the company has been banking with the island’s Noble Bank International since last year. Bitfinex Linked to Noble Bank Again According to a report from Bloomberg, the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex… […]

Open Platform and Element Group Announce a Strategic Partnership

Partnership focuses on advancing OPEN Platform adoption on the global market through post-tokenization support. Element Group, a full-service advisory firm for the digital token capital markets, today announced their strategic partnership with OPEN Platform, the first-ever decentralized payment platform for apps and online transactions. Element’s ongoing involvement will focus on ensuring the post-tokenization functionality of… […]

Crypto Skeptic India May Apply Tax Laws on Crypto in Possible Turning Point

Anonymous sources in India are suggesting that the crypto-sceptical nation may be at a turning point with the possibility of a goods and service tax (GST) on cryptocurrency trading. Bloomberg reported that the government might be applying an 18% GST as there is a chance that the Indian government could classify cryptocurrencies as a supply […]