Why Predictive Analytics are Needed to Combat Blockchain Transaction Scams

Blockchain has revolutionary potential to change not only person-to-person transactions but organizations, industries, and entire social structures. The concept of the immutable decentralized ledger is currently being used to alter sectors ranging from healthcare to Hollywood. Some web pundits have called blockchain the central technological platform for Web 3.0. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article […]

Argentinian Bank Utilizes Bitcoin for International Payments

Banco Masventas, a bank based in Argentina, has launched a new service as of 22 May 2018 which will utilize Bitcoin to facilitate international money transfers. This is a major milestone for Bitcoin, since it is likely the first time it has been used by a financial institution as an international payments standard. The bank […]

Bank of America Secures Another Permissioned Blockchain Patent

Financial institutions are paying close attention to the blockchain. Various patent filings have been made public over the past few weeks and months. Bank of America was recently awarded a patent related to letting users access a certain blockchain network. A remarkable development which brings the financial sector closer to incorporating distributed ledgers in an… […]

Australian Government Considers Blockchain for Services, Welfare Payments

Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has asked the country’s Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) to research blockchain, and how it could be used to improve government services, including welfare payments. The Australian government has granted the agency a budget of AUD 700,000 (USD 530,000) in order to carry out an investigation into DLT, according to ITNews. […]

Why a collapse in bitcoin won’t kill blockchain – MarketWatch

MarketWatchWhy a collapse in bitcoin won’t kill blockchainMarketWatchSome people think cryptocurrencies are a bubble waiting to pop just like the dot-com bubble in the early 2000s. Using that same analogy for cryptocurrency, what about blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin and Ether? Here’s what you need to know.

Verge Loses $1.7 Million as Hackers Double Down on Vulnerabilities

Verge, a cryptocurrency that boasts security, anonymity, and privacy as it’s strong points has been hit by another so-called 51% hack. Same Hack Different Day Only a day after announcing a new partnership with the medical supplement company DIOXYME to allow customers to pay with its XVG cryptocurrency, Verge has lost an estimated 35 million coins… […]

Could trading be the killer app for blockchain?

After a few years, only two blockchain applications have found momentum: Cryptokitties a kind of Pokemon on the blockchain and ICOs, or new token sales on the Ethereum network – not exactly the decentralized application revolution that we were promised.