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OIN SPACE decentralized ecosystem to confirm and protect authenticity of any purchase

OIN SPACE, the blockchain-based consumer trust ecosystem allowing to confirm authenticity of any purchase, today announced its plans to conduct a $ 30M ICO. OIN SPACE will allow the confirmation of authenticity of any purchase – such as, but not limited to, clothing and footwear, alcohol, essential consumer goods, tickets, medicines. In the OIN SPACE […]

Tony to Achain Community – Ours is a Journey towards the Stars

the public blockchain platform Achain announced to its community that they are entering is the second phase of Development. According to Achain’s roadmap, their planned time for entering phase two “Galaxy” is Q2 of 2018. In the open letter “Tony to Achain Community: Ours is a Journey towards the Stars”, the blockchain’s founder Tony Cui […]

Asian Cryptocurrency Trading Update: Litecoin Lifted as Rumors of Lee Leaving Emerge

FOMO Moments Entering the weekend crypto markets have remained bullish and are continuing to climb. Total market capitalization has crossed $450 billion and is marching upwards for the time being. Bitcoin has crept towards the critical $10k barrier but has failed to break it rising 2% on the day to trade at $9,800. Altcoins are… […]

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Stellar, Litecoin, Cardano, IOTA, EOS: Price Analysis, May 04 – Cointelegraph

CointelegraphBitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Stellar, Litecoin, Cardano, IOTA, EOS: Price Analysis, May 04CointelegraphGoldman Sachs, one of the biggest investment banks in the world, is taking the plunge into the exciting world of cryptocurrency trading. The bank’s decision was made because of the overwhelming client requests. This is a very positive sign for the …

Forget the old banks – here comes the MoneyRebel revolution!

“Traditional brick & mortar banks should completely revamp their business models, but they don’t know how – this is where revolutionary banks and platforms like ours have the chance to step-up and offer a complete set of benefits for the consumers!” says Mitja Vezovisek, CEO and founder of one of the hottest new banking endeavors, […]

Regulation and Future of ICOs

ICOs brought with them a new revolution of how people invest in cryptocurrencies. While a majority of traders still holds Bitcoins and top cryptocurrencies, a large number of investors now invest their money in new cryptocurrency projects. However, this is not without challenges. Governments all around the world have been competing to regulate the ICO […]

Singapore-based eSports Platform Bountie is Launching their ICO in April 2018 to Enable Gamers to Monetize their Hobby with Bountie Coins

Bountie’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) pre-sale launched on 29th April 2018 Amalgamating eSports with blockchain technology to revolutionize the industry’s top-heavy monetization model with their own cryptocurrency, Bountie Coins Connecting gamers on Bountie platform, enabling them to get paid to play their favorite games Singapore, 04 May 2018 – Bountie, a Singaporean gaming platform that connects gamers in […]

Disrupting the Mobility Industry Through A Transparent Data Ecosystem – MVL Announces Coin Generation Event

Gathering separate mobility services into a single incentive-based blockchain mobility ecosystem to ensure data transparency Singapore, 4 May 2018 – MVL (pronounced “em-buh l”, Mass Vehicle Ledger) is a Singapore-based blockchain mobility ecosystem company set to revolutionise the way the mobility industry and its related services are connected by allowing for the transparent sharing of a […]

Waves launches smart contracts on testnet

Waves – one of the world’s fastest, most secure and user-friendly open blockchain platforms, with a wide range of effective tools for everyday use by enterprises and individuals – has released the first iteration of its smart contracts on testnet, with activation expected in early May. A smart contract is a computer protocol intended to […]

What is TMT Blockchain Fund ?

The Blockchain revolution is upon us. Meet German Kaplun, Artyom Inyutin, Julian Zegelman and Igor Shoifot. They have created TMT Blockchain Fund. One of the most successful tech focussed venture capital firms in the world has made a move in to the decentralized blockchain and cryptocurrency space.   TMT Investments, a phenomenally successful venture capital […]

Richard Branson Says Bitcoin Scams Impersonating Him ‘Worrying Trend’

Virgin Group founder and renowned investor Richard Branson has expressed his concern at the growing number of scams involving Bitcoin that steal his likeness to promote fraudulent activities. In a post written by Branson on Virgin’s official blog on Thursday, he condemned the scammers for taking advantage of his praise of Bitcoin, and its potential […]