Archive | February 4, 2018

Peach to be Japan’s First Airline to Accept Bitcoin

Peach Aviation, Japan’s number one budget airline, has announced plans to maintain their schedule to accept bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies for ticket payments. Peach looking to spread cryptocurrency Despite waves of fear that passed through the crypto-markets in the wake of the $500 million Coincheck hack on January 26, and speculation that Japanese regulators would rein […]

What is SKRAPS and Should You Invest In its Token Sale?

Skraps is a new micro-investing application that looks to break the mold of all others before it. While Acorns is great for investing your spare change in stocks and shares, Skraps takes it in an entirely new direction. With Skraps, you can invest your spare change in cryptocurrency. As far as investing is concerned, cryptocurrency […]

Ripple Price Technical Analysis – XRP/USD Holding Key Support

Key Highlights Ripple price struggled to move above the $0.9500 resistance area and declined again against the US dollar. There is a major bearish trend line forming with resistance at $0.8000 on the hourly chart of the XRP/USD pair (data source from SimpleFx). The pair is currently trading near a major support area at $0.7500-0.7700, […]

Lloyds Bank bans customers from buying bitcoins using credit cards – The Guardian

The GuardianLloyds Bank bans customers from buying bitcoins using credit cardsThe GuardianBitcoin’s slide has led to concerns that people who borrow money to purchase it will be left with large debts if the virtual currency continues to depreciate. Significant numbers of people in Britain are thought to have bought bitcoin as it surged in …Major […]

Japan Still Leads Asia in Bitcoin Market

In the wake of the second largest cryptocurrency theft ever on January, 26, which triggered painful memories of the Mt. Gox hack in 2014 Japan continues to lead the way in the Asian Bitcoin market. Japan will see tighter regulation but no ban Despite being home to the two largest cryptocurrency heists in history totaling nearly […]

What Is The Difference Between Bitcoin and Ethereum? – Forbes

ForbesWhat Is The Difference Between Bitcoin and Ethereum?ForbesLast year, thanks to stratospheric rises in value, lots of people became aware of the existence of Bitcoin, as well as another often-cited up-and-coming cryptocurrency, Ethereum. By market cap they are the two most valuable cryptocurrencies – as of …Bitcoin is the new gold for the cryptocurrency ageThe […]

Bitcoin Cash Price Technical Analysis – BCH/USD is Back to Square One

Key Points Bitcoin cash price failed to move above the $1,300 level and started a downside move against the US Dollar. There is a crucial bearish trend line forming with resistance at $1,220 on the hourly chart of BCH/USD (data feed from SimpleFX). The pair is currently heading towards the $1,050 support area and it […]

Morning Asian trading roundup: the leading altcoin is Status

FOMO Moments The selloff continues as we enter another week in crypto land. Asian trading is all in the red once again and Bitcoin has fallen to the psychologically critical $8,000 level. If support cannot be maintained it could easily plummet even further taking all of the altcoins with it. Looking for a green signal […]

UK Bank Lloyds Bans Bitcoin Buying on Credit Cards

Banks will never be fans of Bitcoin. The concept of it alone is the complete opposite of a bank’s business model which is to make profits from other people’s money. Britain’s biggest bank today took the step of banning its customers from buying Bitcoin using their credit cards. Lloyd’s Banking Group will tell its 9 […]

State of Decentralized Exchanges, 2018

Cryptocurrencies and decentralized technologies are booming. The numbers speak for themselves — market capitalizations have gone through the roof, transaction volume has skyrocketed, and adoption from individuals, corporations, and governments has reac…

Richard Sherman: Bitcoin Becoming a Common Conversation Topic in NFL

Speaking with CNBC, NFL star Richard Sherman, cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks, claims players are keen to learn more about cryptocurrencies, revealing that the Bitcoin boom at the end of 2017 prompted a number of players to start paying attention — and some, like himself, to invest. “The way Bitcoin boomed from nothing to $19,000 at one […]