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The regrettable under-performance of the ICO

Despite their phenomenal rise, it is nonetheless arguable that today’s ICOs are greatly underperforming. Not because they are not effective in raising capital for startups and projects, but because their true potential is only fractionally used and the…

In This Storm, Be Hopeful; Lightning is on the Horizon

Right after the bitcoin network has cleared up its massive backlog of transactions, we’ve been hit by a huge price correction. However, there is still much to be hopeful about; the development and testing of the Lightning Network is coming along quite nicely. What is the Lightning Network? The LN, put simply, will allow for […]

Banco Santander to Debut International Payment System on Ripple

Banco Santander has set a Q1 2018 launch date for the introduction of same-day, mobile, international payments for customers, which will operate using blockchain technology on Ripple’s distributed ledger. For banks, the benefit of using Ripple is that it can enable the transfer of data and value in a more accurate and much faster way […]

Bitcoin: Here Are My Concerns – Seeking Alpha

Seeking AlphaBitcoin: Here Are My ConcernsSeeking AlphaI don’t mean to belittle anyone’s losses (or gain), but Bitcoin is volatile. As always, Bitcoin isn’t an “investment” in the Seth Klarman sense: It does not produce cash flows like earnings or dividends. Its value is instead based solely on consumer …Could Price Manipulation Be Killing Bitcoin?Vanity FairBlack […]

The game of bitcoin hasn’t even started yet: Crypto trader – CNBC

CNBCThe game of bitcoin hasn’t even started yet: Crypto traderCNBC”Yes, there is a new digital gold, a new digital store of value,” said Neu-Ner, whose own portfolio includes more than 40 cryptocurrencies. “I think bitcoin is the store of value. But the game hasn’t even started yet.” As mass market adoption of …Bitcoin prediction 2018: […]

Bitcoin is bottoming, expect a 70 percent surge: Trader – CNBC

CNBCBitcoin is bottoming, expect a 70 percent surge: TraderCNBCThe old saying goes, “buy when there’s blood in the streets,” and that’s what I’m doing with the recent bitcoin price action. Bitcoin traded to a low of $7,700, this level is a loss of 25 percent on the week and 40 percent on the year. That […]

Harvest Portfolios to Launch Canada’s First Blockchain ETF

Two more providers file plans with regulators to join the blockchain sector, while Harvest Portfolios gets the go-ahead to launch Canada’s first blockchain ETF. Last month, Harvest Portfolios filed with regulators to introduce an ETF that tracks blockchain technologies. Yesterday, February 1st, the firm received approval by the Ontario Securities Commission to launch the country’s […]

A brief history of bitcoin mining hardware – TNW

TNWA brief history of bitcoin mining hardwareTNWBitcoin mining was once nothing more than a lucrative hobby for nerdy cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The only hardware required, in the beginning, was a simple computer. Things have changed a lot in less tha…