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Indian Regulators Wary About Bitcoin – The Diplomat

The DiplomatIndian Regulators Wary About BitcoinThe DiplomatThe internal debate over Bitcoin highlights two competing impulses within the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. While officials want to foster innovation in the banking sector, they …

Announcing Rilcoin ICO

Recently, Rilcoin is about to declare its Initial Coin Offering cam-paign. The company has set an aim to give new definition to the crypto investment platform by building an industry that can widen up the applications of blockchain to the most considerable extent. Rilcoin is going to be a totally new platform for asset management […]

Why Bitcoin Cash Isn’t King

Born August 1, 2017, Bitcoin Cash is to its proponents what Bitcoin ought to be. As of now, it features 8mb blocks as opposed to one or two. Its transaction time is just under a minute and a half per block, and its fees are low, about seven cents per transaction. However, Bitcoin Cash did not […]

Here’s Another Reason Why Bitcoin Could Soon Hit $6000 – Fortune

FortuneHere’s Another Reason Why Bitcoin Could Soon Hit $6000FortuneIt took less than a month for bitcoin investors to shake off China’s cryptocurrency crack down and Wall Street naysayers. On Friday, the price of bitcoin jumped within striking distance of $6,000 as optimism surrounding the cryptocurrency reignited …Bitcoin hits new high on rumors China will allow […]

Nordic Law Firm Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments – Bitcoin News (press release)

Bitcoin News (press release)Nordic Law Firm Now Accepts Bitcoin PaymentsBitcoin News (press release)A Finland-based law firm, Nordic Law, made an announcement Thursday they would begin accepting bitcoin payments for legal services rendered. Specializing in business and law, the firm recognized their clients’ needs for leveraging alternative forms of …and more »

Silberpfeil – Tokens Backed by Real-world Assets

While cryptocurrencies began largely as experiments in the cryptography and technology space, the rise of ICO’s has attracted the attention of many companies who are seeking to utilize blockchain technology in new and novel ways. Silberpfeil is one of those taking a novel approach by introducing a new token, AMG, which is backed on a […]

These charts show how quickly bitcoin is growing – CNBC

CNBCThese charts show how quickly bitcoin is growingCNBCBitcoin has climbed from below $1,000 this year to a record above $5,800, showing how quickly investor interest in the digital currency has increased. The number of digital currency storage “wallets” from has nearly doubled from last …Here’s Another Reason Why Bitcoin Could Soon Hit $6000FortuneBitcoin’s Price […]