Bitcoin Prevents Monetary Tyranny

By Jon Matonis Forbes Thursday, October 4, 2012 Mel Gibson as William Wallace wearing woad. Bitcoin is not about making rapid global transactions with little or no fee. Bitcoin is about preventing monetary tyranny. That is its raison d’être. Monetary tyranny can take many ugly forms. It can be deliberate inflation, persecutory capital controls, […]

Bitcoin & Precious Metals, The First Diversified Portfolio of the Rebel In History

By Silver Vigilante Monday, July 30, 2012 For the first time in history, the rebel alliance can compile a diversified portfolio that reflects his or her inter-essences, that is interests.  While not only can investments be made under the dominant financial system which undermine that system, such as physically delivered precious metals, mediums of exchange […]

Butterfly Labs Offers Lifetime Warranty, ASIC Competition Surges On

About three months ago, Butterfly Labs was the first to announce a specialized Bitcoin mining device based on a technology with the potential to massively increase the computing power of the Bitcoin network per unit power and cost: the ASIC. ASIC, or application specific integrated circuit, is a technology taking specialization to a whole new […]

Bitcoin Usage for Political Donations Expands to Vermont

About a month ago, New Hampshire State Representative Mark Warden pushed forward the legitimacy of Bitcoin in two very significant ways. First, he was the first major political candidate to accept Bitcoin for political donations. This was a significant milestone, both because the regulations around political donations make utilizing Bitcoin a much greater challenge than […]

Legally accept Bitcoin donations for any political campaign in the U.S.

qztvmxpr Bitcoin for political campaign donations is a no brainer, and Bitcoinbuilder seems to have made the go-to platform. So many small transactions are nearly zeroed out by the cost of credit card transaction fees.  Here’s hoping the Bitcoin donation system for Super PACs is just around the corner 😉 Here’s the minimum information required […]

Bitcoin and Morality

Bitcoin — a currency by most measures — is consistently framed as ‘amoral.’ Let’s think about why currencies are not compatible with morality. An unethical or amoral use for a unit of exchange says nothing about the unit, and everything about the user. Those who don’t understand Bitcoin seem to think its uses make it good or bad. […]

Bitcoin Magazine #1 ubercollectable edition is looking for its owner

On Bitcoin Confrence 2012 Bitcoin Magazine issue #1 with more than 20 autographs of many Bitcoin “celebrities” present on the conference was auctioned off. It went for 7 BTC. Unfortunately, the buyer has failed to pay and collect his copy. Bittalk Media Ltd, publisher of Bitcoin Magazine, will hold the auctioned copy for next two […]