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Europol Estimates Cryptocurrencies Account for 4% of Illicitly Trafficked Cash in Europe

Criminals in Europe are using cryptocurrencies to launder as much as $5.5 billion (£4 billion) in illegal money according to the head of Europol, the EU’s policing agency. Director of Europol, Rob Wainwright, estimates that around 4% of all criminal proceeds in Europe are being funneled through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin — and he expects this […]

Litecoin And Dash Are Taking Over The Dark Web

Bitcoin is essentially the poster child for cryptocurrencies, and that’s becoming a problem for cybercriminals dealing on the dark web. Researchers from Recorded Future, a threat intelligence company that monitors forums on the dark web where many illegal transactions are arranged, looked through 150 of the dark web’s top marketplaces and found that the Bitcoin […]

Blockchain Guild’s Community Fund Makes Its First Award for Bitcoin Development

The Blockchain Guild, a community fund set up to further bitcoin development, has made its first award. The project is designed to mentor the next generation of developers, in whose hands the future of blockchain technology lies. A number of major backers have given Blockchain Guild their support including litecoin’s Charlie Lee, bitcoin developer Jimmy […]

Wikileaks Founder Responds to Banking Blockade 2.0: “Use Cryptocurrencies”

This week the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, told his 600,000 Twitter followers that the website that exposes government corruption is suffering another “banking blockade.” According to Assange U.S. intelligence is making it difficult for Wikileaks donors, and the cypherpunk says people should donate cryptocurrencies to bypass this obstruction. Also Read: WikiLeaks Has Raised 4,000+ […]

Bitcoin Cash and ZCash Are Coming to OpenBazaar in Early January, Litecoin to Follow Soon

We know OpenBazaar will integrate support for a few different altcoins. Both Bitcoin Cash and ZCash are in the testing phase already, which is good news. Moreover, it seems Litecoin integration is also on the agenda. That is a good thing, as Bitcoin remains a far too expensive payment method right now. Come January 2018, […]

Zcash Developers Unveil Roadmap for 2018

Zcash has proven to be a rather remarkable cryptocurrency in many ways. Although it’s the preferred method of payment for hacker collective The Shadow Brokers, there are some concerns regarding transactions being traceable in the end. This currency’s developers have unveiled their roadmap for the next few months, and a lot of intriguing features are on […]