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Chinese Users Ditch WeChat for Telegram to Conduct Bitcoin Trades

No one will be surprised there is still a big interest in Bitcoin as far as China is concerned. More specifically, enthusiasts are no longer using state-sanctioned messaging apps for this activity. Instead, they are now flocking to Telegram, a messaging app providing end-to-end-encryption. Rest assured Chinese users are not done with Bitcoin just yet. […]

Chinese Social Media Platforms Under Investigation Over Cyber Security Law

Few people will be surprised to learn most of China’s instant messaging services are currently under investigation. The government is investigating these social media networks for potential violations of the country’s cyber security law. The platforms affected include Weibo, WeChat, and Baidu, all three of which serve millions of users every single day. According to […]

Wyre Switches From High-Fee Bitcoin to Ethereum – Launches Payment Tool for Wechat and Facebook

Blockchain payments startup Wyre has announced the launch of a payment tool for Wechat and Facebook. spoke with CEO Michael Dunworth to find out more about Wyre Bot, which utilizes Wechat and Facebook Messenger for business invoicing. Also read: Leading Japanese ATM Manufacturer Oki Gets into Bitcoin ATM Business Wyre Bot Launched Wyre offers cross-border […]

‘Rectification Plan’ for Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges Leaked

On Monday, Chinese publication 8Btc posted a translation of a document that contained supposedly leaked “rectification guidelines” for bitcoin exchanges. “It’s the first time the document that’s given rise to the regulatory storm on bitcoin exchanges was exposed to the public,” according to the publication. Also read: Major Chinese Exchanges to Postpone the Return of […]

FEB 27 Digest: Gavin Andresen Seeks to Speed Up Block Validation, Coinsetter Aims to Improve Trade with BTC Blockchain

Bitcoin Foundation Chief Scientist and former lead developer of Bitcoin Core, Gavin Andresen, believes to have come up with a solution to vastly speed up block validation, the global bitcoin exchange

No More Burners: Using BitSMS and ChiliPhone Together Can Eliminate The Need For Disposable Phones

For those who exist in the gray and darker areas of the legal spectrum, pre-paid “burner” phones offer a convenient, workable way to avoid surveillance. Buy a phone at a gas station with some prepaid