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The Top 4 Dentacoin Wallet Options

When it comes to wallets capable of storing various cryptocurrencies, there are a lot of options to choose from. Most hardware wallets which support Ethereum also support ERC20 tokens such as Dentacoin. That being said, there are quite a few other options available to users as well, and they are all worth checking out. For […]

Here Are the Best Ethereum Wallets for 2018

When starting out with cryptocurrency, it is essential for users to set up a crypto wallet that both is secure and allows for financial flexibility (ease of exchange, streamlined transfers, and so forth). Today, there are wallets that can be hosted online, procured in the form of a hardware entity, or accessed on a computer. However, most users have […]

Coingeek Announces Funding the Electron Cash Development Team

On February 1 the cryptocurrency media outlet and blockchain company Coingeek announced it plans to fund the Electron Cash team’s development. The new Electron Cash projects will involve working on innovative plans for the bitcoin cash ecosystem and a partnership with the firm Nchain. Also read: Bitcoin Cash Supporters Prepare for the Network’s Next Six Month […]

The Marketing Ploys of Clones: Another Project Aims to Create a ‘Perfect Bitcoin’

This week another bitcoin-based clone is coming called ‘Bitcoin Atom,’ a project that joins the myriad of other BTC copycats that have allegedly copied the protocol since late 2017. According to the team, the BCA network will launch when the bitcoin core network processes block 505,888 or roughly around January 24. Also read: South Korean Card […]

A True Network or Troll? A Look at the “Bitcoin Clashic” Project

Just recently, reported on the successful Bitcoin Cash hard fork that took place on November 13. However, according to reports across the web, the fork split into two, and an unknown group began mining blocks on the legacy chain producing what they call “Bitcoin Clashic.” Also read: Privacy-Centric Protocol Mimblewimble Now Being Trialed on the […]

Bitcoin Gold’s Confusing Mainnet Launch Has a Rough Start

On November 12, the Bitcoin Gold network went live at 4 pm EDT according to the team’s blog page and Slack channel. The controversial project currently has a full node client, but public mining didn’t start until private miners reached block height 499407. Also read: Swedish Pirate Rick Falkvinge Brings Humor and Profundity to Bitcoin Cash […]

Bitcoin Service Providers Continue to Reveal Plans for Bitcoin Gold

This week bitcoin proponents have been talking about the bitcoin gold fork scheduled for October 25. With just a few days away, bitcoin exchanges and service providers have been detailing their contingency plans on how to best deal with the upcoming distribution of split tokens. Also Read: Bitcoin Cash Community Preps Hard Fork Slated for November […]