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Bitcoin Futures Trader Discusses Bitcoin Price Points, Significance of ETFs

Investor and Bitcoin futures trader Jeff Kilburg spoke with CNBC today about his continued enthusiasm for investing in the digital currency, despite lows that, as of late, have rattled some traders. Bitcoin Futures, Exchange-Traded Funds “Futures Now” trader Jeff Kilburg, at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), spoke with CNBC’s Jackie DeAngelis about Bitcoin in the short… […]

Could Wall Street Banks Become Crypto Custody Specialists?

Wall Street banks are slowly beginning to consider crypto custody as another mainstream service. This, despite the occasional dig at crypto from the big players on Wall Street such as Goldman Sachs recent “cryptocurrency mania” comment last week citing it as one of the top risks for the market, even though the very same bank […]

Winklevoss Twins Continue Moving Forward Despite SEC Bitcoin ETF Decision

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are working relentlessly to grow their cryptocurrency exchange Gemini despite the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) decision to reject their proposed Bitcoin ETF for the second time in late July. The brothers have taken a few hits in 2018 so far, including dwindling trading volume on their Gemini exchange and… […]

tZero to Receive Largest Recorded Investment for Blockchain Startup

Chinese private equity firm GSR Capital has confirmed it signed a letter of intent to invest USD 270 million in blockchain startup up tZero, making it the largest recorded investment to such a company, according to Forbes. Atypical investment structure The USD 270 million investment came with an 18% stake in tZero, a platform for […]

Goldman Sachs Crypto Custodial Services May Be Just Around the Corner

Reports have suggested that Goldman Sachs is considering offering crypto custodial services for clients. Rumors abound surrounding some of the larger Wall Street banks and their various flirtations with cryptocurrencies making it difficult to tie down what is actually in the pipeline. The latest unconfirmed story is that Goldman Sachs is venturing into crypto custody […]

Starbucks Pro-Bitcoin but You Can’t Spend It in Stores Yet

Misleading reports following the Starbucks working partnership with the Bakkt ecosystem stated that Starbucks would be accepting Bitcoin in stores. While this is not on its agenda quite yet, the multinational corporation has expressed its support for helping customers exchange their cryptocurrencies for fiat to spend in its over 27,000 cafes. Partnership with Bakkt Starbucks is the flagship […]

Crypto Price Watch: Most Major Currencies in the Red as Market Stumbles

Bitcoin (BTC) At press time, bitcoin is trading for about $7,485. This is roughly $60 less than where it stood 24 hours ago. Wall Street player Goldman Sachs explains that bitcoin’s recovery was a fluke; that the currency will never dominate the financial infrastructure, and future declines are expected. On the contrary, new payment company […]