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Nano Price Inches Closer to $10 Again After Brief Dip

Similar to most other cryptocurrencies, it has been a rather interesting week for the Nano cryptocurrency. After successfully rebranding from Raiblocks to Nano, the currency has seen some solid momentum. Due to the recent “hack’ of BitGrail, however, the Nano price took a major hit. it now seems most of these losses have been recovered […]

Ethereum Classic Price Goes Back in the Green Thanks to ETC/BTC Gains

Things are not going according to plan for most cryptocurrencies right now. Most markets are still down compared to 24 hours ago, although the massive price decrease has been recovered in quick succession. The first currency to note positive momentum is Ethereum Classic. More specifically, the Ethereum Classic price has increased by 1.93% over the […]

Bitcoin’s Volatility Triggers More Regulatory Attempts in the US

The US Senate shows a great interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies all of a sudden. With the Bitcoin price tanking, the government feels the need to intervene. More specifically, top market watchdogs will be questioned regarding the futures market. Additionally, there will be a strong focus on potentially introducing additional regulation. It will be impossible […]

NEM Price Seemingly Finds a Bottom at $0.45

It becomes increasingly difficult to look at cryptocurrency price charts without cringing. The current market sentiment is a lot more bearish than we have seen in recent years. All of this will only lead to more losses across all markets in the coming hours and days. The NEM price, for example, has gotten battered quite […]

XRP Price Drops Below $0.75 Again

With all of the cryptocurrency markets in the red once again, there isn’t much to be excited about as of right now.  In fact, it is difficult to find any market,  which has lost less than 20% of its value in the past 24 hours. Especially when it comes to the XRP price, things are […]