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Coinbase Among Backers of “Decentralized Information Curation” in $3B Seed Funding

DIRT (Decentralized Incentive Registry Token), a startup that wants to develop a protocol for “decentralized information curation”, has successfully concluded a USD 3 million seed funding round. In total, 26 prominent investors were involved, including Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam, Pantera Capital, and Digital Currency Group. The final split was between 15 venture firms and 11 […]

VC Firm Raises $1.8 Billion for Startup Investments Including Cryptocurrency

Lightspeed Venture Partners, a venture capital (VC) firm and early investor in Snap Inc., has raised $1.8 billion for startup investments including cryptocurrency projects. As it eyes a business expansion to Southeast Asia, where the digital currency ecosystem thrives like no other region, the VC player is likely to fund a number of promising cryptocurrency products… […]

OK Blockchain Capital Wants to Inject $100M Into the EOS Ecosystem

It does not happen all that often that exchanges and trading platforms openly provide financial support to specific cryptocurrencies. OK Blockchain Capital, operated by OK Group, will finance emerging blockchain projects. Their current plan of attack calls for supporting the EOS ecosystem and its supernode venture. OK Blockchain Capital Supports EOS For those unaware of the OK Blockchain Capital firm, […]

It Only Takes One Judge to Confiscate Gold

Bitcoin’s decentralized nature has allowed it to evolve into a widely accepted and recognized digital currency, a safe haven asset and “digital gold.” Since 2016, Bitcoin has demonstrated a truly exponential growth rate based on various indicators including user base, trading volume, market cap and price. The Advantage of Bitcoin over more Traditional Assets Earlier this […]

Gwyneth Paltrow Joins Bitcoin Wallet Abra as Advisor

Bitcoin wallet startup Abra has announced that actress and entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow has joined its team as an advisor. Also read: Panel Recommends Indian Government Take Immediate Steps to Stop Bitcoin Use Abra on Planet of the Apps Gwyneth Paltrow, an actress well known as Tony Stark’s girlfriend Pepper Potts in Marvel’s Iron Man and the […]

Top 6 Bitcoin Companies Based on VC Funding

The world of bitcoin and blockchain has attracted a lot of money over the past few years. Several companies have received a significant amount of backing, indicating venture capitalists like their business idea and see a bright future ahead. Below are some of the companies raising a lot of money in recent years. 6. Blockstream […]

Top 4 AI Companies With Over US$100m in Funding During 2016

The artificial intelligence industry has attracted a lot of investments over the past few years. 2016 Has been a rather spectacular year in this regard, with multiple mega-deals coming to fruition between January and December. It is evident there is a growing interest in this sector by venture capitalists and other investors, as it is […]

Top 6 Most Technologically Developed Cities

Quite a few cities around the world are paying close attention as to what is happening in the technology sector. High-tech cities are becoming more common, even though there will always be certain regions where these efforts are more obvious. The World Health Organisation estimated two-thirds of the world population will live in high-tech urban […]

Altcoin Trading Firm Polychain Capital Secures $10 Million in VC Funding

One of the first Coinbase employees, Olaf Carlson-Wee, founder of a trading firm specializing in digital assets, has managed to secure $10m from investment firms A16z (Andreessen Horowitz), Boost VC, and Union Square Ventures, among others. Digital Assets, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and many other so-called “altcoins” are very volatile investments, but Olaf Carlson-Wee believes his […]

A Chinese 20 Million Dollars Venture Fund is Ready to Finance Bitcoin Startups

The Bitcoin startup scene is about to receive up to $20 million from a venture fund. The money is coming from a Chinese family who owns a multi-billion-dollar company. The investors believe that the “use of bitcoin will continue to grow and proliferate in China”.   Huiyin Group, a Chinese-based investment firm, announced the creation […]

UK Fintech Investment Numbers Decline By 26% in Q3 2016

There has been a lot of financial talk regarding what the Brexit means, and how it will affect Britain’s economy. Some experts warn that this “depression” spells disaster for the UK’s fintech sector, as investment numbers have been dwindling in Q3 of 2016. British start-ups have a harder time securing funding, and it looks like […]