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Bitcoin is ‘Back in the USSR’

Russia’s launch of its first crypto investment bank is the hot news from Eastern Europe’s sleeping bear, but how is the old USSR and the rest of the eastern bloc holding up in the charge to regulate the nascent industry in the region? In the Ukraine capital, Kiev, plans are underway to site a statue […]

No Ukraine Plans to Regulate Crypto Mining as Exchanges Await Legislation

A Ukraine government agency has just announced that it has no plans to regulate cryptocurrency mining in the country, according to local news portal The State Service for Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine made the announcement after a request to clarify the status of crypto mining by the Better Regulation Delivery Office […]

Ukrainian Men Arrested Over The Operation Of Cryptocurrency Scams

The regulatory crackdown on fraudulent and malicious cryptocurrency operations has continued, with more reports showing scams falling to the might of regulators. The BleepingComputer reported that Ukrainian men had been arrested on suspicions of the operation of fraudulent cryptocurrency exchanges. Four Men, Over Six Fake Cryptocurrency Exchanges According to the aforementioned article from a popular… […]

London’s First Crypto Sculpture Provokes Mixed Responses

The UK’s first cryptocurrency public sculpture is being unveiled in London this week, according to Cision PR Newswire. The temporary installation known as ‘Crypto Connection’ sculpted by artist Federico Clapis has been commissioned by the multi-currency crypto wallet and hybrid exchange Eidoo. The piece stands three meters high and is sculpted in bronze, showing a […]

Kiev Wants His Statue, the CIA Is Tight-Lipped. So Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto?

In Ukraine’s Capital, Kiev plans are underway to install a statue of the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto in the same location where a statue of Russian communist revolutionary Lenin, used to stand, writes CNN. Father of the Russian nation, Lenin, had stood on the spot until it was torn down by Ukrainians during […]

Six Fake Crypto Exchange Sites Busted by Ukraine’s Cyberpolice

The cybercrime combating unit of the Ukrainian police has uncovered a network of fraudulent crypto trading websites. Four people are suspected of offering the fake online exchange services. They have maintained at least six platforms luring cryptocurrency traders with deceptive messages. Also read: Survey: 13% of Net-Savvy Ukrainians Own Cryptocurrencies Police on the Lookout for More […]

13% of Ukrainians Adopt Crypto in Burgeoning Space, Survey Reveals

Ukrainians are reaching out to cryptocurrency with a recently recorded 13% adoption, according to a new survey, writes Recent figures revealed by a survey shows the three main exchanges in Ukraine are now turning over $2 million a day. Ukrainians have an adage which they regularly fall back on; “may you be forced to survive […]

Seized Crypto Millions Auctioned by German Prosecutors

Bavarian prosecutors are to auction off seized cryptocurrency worth nearly USD 14 million, estimated to be the highest such sale in German history, reports Cointelegraph. The sale, originally reported in local news source Der Tagesspeigel on 28 May, involves 1,312 Bitcoins (BTC) and other digital currencies including 1,399 Bitcoin Cash, 1312 Bitcoin Gold, and 220 Ethereum. […]

Mysterious Death of Everest Sherpa On ICO Stunt Climb

An ICO publicity stunt staged at Nepal’s Mount Everest led to the death of one person last week, the Financial Times’ Alphaville reported recently. The stunt, organized by Ukranian global social networking site ASKfm, was staged in order to promote the company’s initial coin offering by placing a ledger wallet holding the new tokens at […]

Spending Bitcoin in Europe Is Getting Easier Thanks to Wirex and Paytomat

European cryptocurrency holders have reason to be cheerful. Slowly but surely it’s becoming easier to spend BTC, BCH, and a range of other cryptos throughout the continent, with payment services like Wirex and Paytomat leading the charge. It’s now possible to spend bitcoin in hundreds of restaurants and stores throughout Eastern Europe, as well as […]