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Crypto Pundit McAfee Surveys the Community with Surprising Results

Social media plays a huge part in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Blockchain companies themselves use the various platforms to communicate with their clients and investors and make announcements. Due to the ‘anything goes’ nature of social media it has also attracted a number of colourful characters, one of which is self-appointed crypto overlord John McAfee. The […]

Mobile Payment Company Square Launches In-app Bitcoin Buy/Sell Option

This Wednesday Jack Dorsey, the CEO of the payment processing firm Square, revealed the company’s Cash App users can now purchase and sell bitcoin. Back in November the Square Cash App’s bitcoin functionality was only available to select individuals for experimentation. Now, most of the app’s users can access the ability to buy and sell […]

Kraken Exchange Returns After Longest Downtime Since 2013

Earlier this week the San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken scheduled some downtime to upgrade the trading platform’s system. The upgrade for one of the world’s largest digital asset exchanges was supposed to last for only two hours, but the website remained down for well over 24 hours. Kraken is now back online and plans to […]

Here’s the Issue With Crypto Personalities on Twitter

Alongside every crypto market surge, a similar surge of activity in cryptocurrency social media transpires. Popular crypto personalities benefit the most from this activity, gaining huge numbers of new followers. Some of their Twitter accounts have tens of thousands of followers, and sometimes more. These followers are very receptive to the content shared by these accounts, […]