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US Congressman Sherman Feels Wrath of Twitter After Anti Crypto Remarks

US Congressman Bradley Sherman has become extremely unpopular with Twitter followers over the past twenty-four hours. As reported yesterday by Bitcoin News, California Democrat Brad Sherman boldly declared his belief that all cryptocurrency mining and trades should be banned across the US. His announcement made during Wednesday’s long-awaited House of Representatives Financial Services Committee meeting […]

Ross Ulbricht Joins Twitter

Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht, serving life in prison without parole, has joined Twitter. While denied direct internet access from behind bars, he is now able to communicate with the Twittersphere, in a fashion, with the aid of hand-written notes posted to a Twitter account in his name. It is hoped the account will keep […]

Crypto Market Leaders Call For Twitter to Ban ‘Scam Bots’

Crypto scam bots have become a common sight in the Twitter landscape, with many premier cryptocurrency personalities seeing an influx of fraudulent accounts commenting on their posts. This has become such a large problem that well-known cryptocurrency figures, like Binance’s CEO and Charlie Shrem, have signed an “open letter” calling for these scams to end. What… […]

ETH Bots Run Rampant While Twitter Claims to Ban Lookalike Accounts

According to reports the social media platform Twitter has been deleting millions of fraudulent accounts per day, and stated during the first week of July that it suspended more than 70 million accounts throughout May and June. However, the cryptocurrency industry is still plagued by tons of ‘ETH scam-bots’ pretending to be bitcoin luminaries and […]

One Guy Controls the Lightning Network’s Biggest Node

BTC supporters were elated to discover recently that the Lightning Network’s (LN) capacity had spiked by 216 percent in just one day. Some individuals suspected the Build on Bitcoin conference had sparked more LN interest. However, onlookers have found the spike was due to a single node created by the owner of According to […]

Square Sees Stock Price Explode As Its Bitcoin Service Expands

Square, the financial services company started by Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey, has been seeing its crypto service expand rapidly. Nomura Instinet: Square Is Decoupling From Bitcoin’s Performance Bitcoin has seen a dismal year so far, to be frank, with the foremost cryptocurrency taking a tumble from $20,000 down to a low of $5,800. Many industry… […]

Satoshi or Faketoshi? Analysts Assess Crypto’s Latest Messiah

Stylometry is the study of linguistic style, generally with a view to identifying its author. In the absence of any other meaningful metrics, it’s become the primary means of analyzing the veracity of new writings purporting to be the work of Satoshi Nakamoto. Last week, armchair stylometrists were given a trove of material to sift […]

Associations Challenging Crypto Ads Ban to Proceed with Lawsuit

Facebook’s recent decision to partially lift the ban on crypto ads will not stop a planned legal action against the measure. Crypto associations and businesses from several countries announced earlier this year their intentions to sue internet giants imposing such restrictions. The claimants want to proceed with filing the lawsuit, despite the policy update. Also […]

Research Confirms Bitcoin, Social Media Correlation

Feng Mai, a professor at the business school of Stevens Institute of Technology, has conducted a study using scientific methods to confirm what many already expected: cryptocurrency prices are influenced by social media. It is not necessarily the most prominent figures that can affect this as many may think, however, but it is the general […]