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Ex-Triad Kingpin ‘Broken Tooth’ Attends ‘Dragon Coin’ Signing

The former kingpin of the Macau branch of the 14K triad crime organization, Wan Kuok-koi, popularly known as ‘Broken Tooth Koi’, is reportedly associating with the companies behind the new Dragon Coin cryptocurrency, which concluded a USD 320 million initial coin offering (ICO). A picture of him at the signing ceremony between the two companies […]

Former Macau Triad Boss Launching Cryptocurrency

Various entities, users, and companies commonly seek to introduce their own cryptocurrencies. It’s quite challenging to do so successfully, as not all currencies are created equal. Wan Kuok-toi, a former Macau triad boss, is looking to launch his own cryptocurrency and associated blockchain ecosystem. It’s a remarkable development, albeit one that will be criticized. Another […]