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A Beginner’s Guide to Counterparty

While many cryptocurrencies exist as competitors to or as evolutions of the Bitcoin protocol, there are other initiatives that instead seek to cooperate and bolster the pioneer blockchain. Perhaps the oldest and most profound of these projects is Counterparty, an asset layer created directly on the Bitcoin blockchain. What is Counterparty? Counterparty (XCP) is a […]

What Is Ubiq?

Smart contracts are the next major frontier for blockchain technology development. Automating as many tasks and business processes as possible will eventually lead to a trustless ecosystem. As such, it is good to see different smart contract projects compete with one another. Ubiq is a decentralized platform focusing on smart contracts and dApps, making use of […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Veritaseum

Many cryptocurrencies with top market caps rose to their positions after a massive surge – either due to a new development, an explosion of support and hype, or even an unexplained, spontaneous pump. Even more peculiar are coins of the opposite nature – those that appreciate to huge valuations without causing many waves. What is Veritaseum? Veritaseum […]

London Football Exchange Launches Own Cryptocurrency Running On Ripple And Stellar

The London Football Exchange (LFE) has unveiled plans to launch its own cryptocurrency, intended to permit a “fan-driven football community,” providing members with the opportunity to take part in various club and fan experiences. Cryptocurrency Combined with Fan Loyalty LFE engagement services will include LFE Points, a blockchain-enabled loyalty, paired with a reward and offers […]

Community-Focused Exchanges with Proprietary Tokens Are Prospering

“Community” is a word that is synonymous with cryptocurrency projects, but aside expressing a desire to develop a strong user base, what does it actually mean? For exchanges, having a community-oriented model means consulting customers on new tokens, incentivizing participation, and creating a revenue-sharing system. Binance and Kucoin are two platforms that have tried this […]

What Is EthereumBitcoin?

For people who are new to cryptocurrency, the current Bitcoin situation is pretty confusing. More specifically, there are three types of Bitcoin among the top 10 currencies ranked by market capitalization. However, there are other versions of Bitcoin out there as well, including EthereumBitcoin. This currency can be found on some exchanges under the BTCE ticker. […]

Gilgamesh – Utilizing the Blockchain Technologies to Publish Authors and Promote Scholarship

Known to most classical scholars, the Legend of Gilgamesh was the first piece of literature ever published.The name Gilgamesh represents the first attempt to transfer knowledge to a public by means of literature. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Our platform Gilgamesh shares this vision of transparency and scholarship with a coherent decentralized social media […]

Japanese Publicly Listed Companies Launch Cryptocurrency Exchanges in South Korea

Two Japanese companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange have recently expanded their cryptocurrency operations into South Korea. One has partnered with a local company to launch a bitcoin exchange with a plan to add merchant services. The other held an ICO to develop a crypto exchange after launching a mobile game which allows users […]

Lose Your Wallet by Paying in Digital Currencies with STACK

While millions of people throughout the world use digital currencies, the current state of the market is still far from mass-adoption, but this could change! STACK represents a social money platform whose main goal is to push even harder at the replacement of traditional currencies and payment methods, by creating a platform where you can […]