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What Is nTezos Cryptocurrency?

There is never a shortage of drama in the world of cryptocurrency. Especially where the Tezos project is concerned, the situation tends to get out of hand on a regular basis. It now seems this project is bound to “fork” prior to even launching. It’s a worrisome development, albeit one that was to be expected. […]

Billionaire VC Tim Draper Busts a Crypto Rhyme at Amsterdam Conference

Billionaire Venture Capitalist and crypto pundit Tim Draper is never far from the news, and as such has lived up to expectations with an on-stage interview and impromptu rap at a recent Dutch tech conference, reports Bloomberg. His way out of tune crypto rap at the TNW Conference Europe 2018 Tech Conference at Westerpark in […]

Tezos Team Prepares to Bring Their Technology to the Masses

It has been a while since we last heard from the Tezos ICO. After many problems plagued this particular project, it seems things may finally turn around for the company. With a new team in place and a lot of the issues having been sorted out, investors may finally get access to their tokens after all. The Next […]

Tezos Co-Founder Fined and Banned by Wall Street Regulator

Tezos is embroiled in controversy once again as co-founder Arthur Breitman is slapped with a fine and a trading ban for two years by The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Breitman Fined $20,000 The Wall Street regulatory body has come to a settlement with Breitman after he was accused of making false statements about his side venture… […]

Switzerland Risks Losing Cryptocurrency Haven Status Over Increasing Regulation

Switzerland, a country renowned for its safe-haven status in capital markets, may have missed the opportunity of becoming a top jurisdiction for initial coin offerings. Tim Draper, a high-profile bitcoin enthusiast and early investor of Tesla, SpaceX, and Skype, has crossed the country off the map after the government allowed regulation to dissuade startups from launching… […]

Research Paper Says Issuers of ICO Tokens Will Face Class Action Lawsuits

This month a law firm called Polsinelli LLP published a study called “Cryptocurrency Class Action Lawsuits: A New Frontier” which explains that initial coin offerings (ICO) will spark a large number of litigation proceedings against cryptocurrency projects and businesses. Also read: New Study Looks at the Cost to Mine BTC Across the Globe ‘ICOs May Be […]

Telegram on Track to Pocket Over $2 Billion From ICO Rounds, Despite SEC Prying Into the Funding Method

Despite only running for four months, global messaging giant Telegram’s initial coin offering (ICO) is already on track to bring in one billion dollars — long before the product the company is raising money for is even built. Funding from the initial round of investors has already made the company’s launch the biggest ever. Telegram’s […]