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Tezos ICO Investors May Foot Founders’ Legal Bill

The Tezos ICO initiative has been pretty interesting to keep an eye on. Although things are not going exactly as planned, the project is still not dead and buried either. Despite the ongoing class action lawsuits, things may yet come together in the end. To cover their legal expenses, the Tezos founders are looking to the Tezos Foundation. Whether or not their […]

Half a Billion Dollar ICO Tezos Stung by Second Lawsuit in Under a Month

Tezos, a company with over half a billion dollars in crypto assets, have been rocked by yet another lawsuit. Following a record-breaking ICO four months ago, founders Arthur and Kathleen Breitman have endured a torrid time after falling out with the head of the Tezos Foundation. Concerned investors filed a class action lawsuit on October 25. […]