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Chinese Inventors Create DLT Virtual Museum to Conserve Artefacts Digitally

China’s Tsinghua University researchers have come up with an ingenious scheme to enable the protection of country’s cultural heritage and artifacts using blockchain technology, according to Coindesk They have filed a patent, for a system which will save digital versions of ancient artifacts on the blockchain using 3D scanning. The computing model created by a team […]

Tencent to Use the Blockchain to Derail China’s Counterfeit Invoice Industry

Sellers of counterfeit, illegally-made receipts help businesses take advantage of tax loopholes in China, but that’s set to change with the application of blockchain technology in the handling of digital invoices. Disrupting China’s Counterfeit Invoice Market Faked official invoices are big business in China. One person who creates these legal proof of payments — “fapiao”… […]

Bitcoin-Friendly Companies Enter the Flying Taxi Business

The smartest minds and smartest companies in the world are not only dealing with cryptocurrencies, but they are also bringing synergetic forces to finance a wide range of amazing solutions. One of these solutions: reducing travel time and solving traffic jams. For example, companies such as Tencent and Freigeist are funding Lilium, a German start-up […]

Bitpoint Adds Bitcoin and Ether Payments to Platform with Unionpay, Wechat Pay and Alipay

Japanese bitcoin exchange Bitpoint announced on Wednesday the partnership with Nippon Pay to offer cryptocurrency payment options alongside China’s three most popular payment services. Also read: Japan’s Largest Online Travel Agent Bringing Bitcoin to 1400+ Hotels This Summer “The World’s First” Bitpoint informed their customers on Wednesday that the company has “agreed to form a business […]

Should Tencent Look Into Bitcoin For Chinese Charity Fundraising Efforts?

Charity is a growing sector and one where bitcoin could make a significant impact. Technology giant Tencent is currently donating 2% of its profit to charity, as the usage of mobile internet is growing in China’s philanthropy sector. Moreover, new legislation in the country makes it easier for approved companies to raise and manage funds […]