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Nordic-Baltic Region Scoops up $6.3B of Europe’s Fintech Business

According to a MagnaCarta, Fintech Mundi and Mastercard report, fintech companies are continuing to thrive in Scandinavia and also in the Baltic regions, writes Fintech Schweiz Digital Finance News. They are reported to have created half of the industries main players in Europe to date and those firms seeking fintech partnerships is far higher than the […]

Thailand’s New SEC Crypto Laws Set to Approve 5 ICOs

Thailand’s financial regulator is set to approve five projects this month out of an estimated 5O ICOs expecting to raise funds from the Thai capital market, writes The Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is expected to approve the as yet undisclosed projects as the new law to regulate cryptocurrencies and ICOs comes into […]

No It’s Not Glastonbury, It’s Cryptomania: The New Festival Experience

Brock Pierce’s comments that “the most likely way to get me to attend your conference is to throw really good parties” demonstrate the direction that crypto conferences have taken over recent years. Of course, their official purpose, according to, is to offer attendees a few days of seminars, panel discussions and keynote speeches from […]

Brock Pierce Plugs “Puertopia” at Futurama Crypto Summit

The 2018 Futura Blockchain Summit held last month in Dubai has been hailed by many guests as the best crypto convention ever, according to Bitcoinist. The summit brought together more than 300 leaders of the crypto world, including Bitcoin entrepreneur Brock Pierce.  Reportedly it was the largest convention of the cream of crypto society assembled […]

Binance to Offer $1 Billion “Social Impact Fund” for Blockchain Startups

Leading cryptocurrency exchange platform Binance has announced plans to launch a USD 1 billion “social impact fund” to aid blockchain and cryptocurrency startups. Positive action for the industry As reported by Coin Desk, Binance will contribute over USD 1 billion via 10 installments of USD 100 million each, creating both funds for further investment into blockchain related […]

Estonia’s $2.3M Platform Supports ‘Northern Crypto Paradise’ Tag

With the news that an Estonian invite-only entrepreneurs’ community has raised USD 2.3 million to develop a “founders to founders” skill-sharing platform, Estonia continues to make its mark on the crypto space in the region. Estonian World reported that the new platform, Lift99, aims to “build an online community of influencers and startup talents to lead […]

Russian Bear Poised to Pounce at Fintech Crossroads

Recent statistics published by the Russian Association of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain (RACIB) shows that Russian investors appear to be at a crossroads in the fintech space. The future of Russian cryptocurrency adoption is very much dependent on what lies ahead, particularly with regard to the Kremlin’s past stance which has never been favorable towards allowing the […]

Lionel Messi Scores a Goal for Blockchain

Superstar Barcelona FC football player Lionel Messi has become the official brand ambassador for Sirin Labs, the company marketing a new smartphone called ‘Finney’ that runs on blockchain technology. According to the BBC, the company is known for previously marketing an ultra-secure smartphone for a hefty price of $17,000, based on its ‘watertight security.’ The […]

Physical Bitcoin Smart Banknotes Launched in Singapore

Singapore startup Tangem released its own version of a physical bitcoin banknote at a shopping centre in the city yesterday. The banknotes are available in denominations of 0.01 BTC ($98) and 0.05 BTC ($485) at launch. Each note is a Samsung Semiconductor S3D350A chip which reportedly cost the Tangen $2 to manufacture. according to Cision PR Newswire, […]

Nasdaq Crypto Exchange a Future Possibility Says CEO

Nasdaq, the second-largest stock exchange in the world, has suggested that it could foresee opening its own cryptocurrency exchange in the future. During an interview with CNBC on Wednesday, Nasdaq President and CEO Adena T Friedman raised the idea that Nasdaq would consider it. She remarked: “Certainly Nasdaq would consider becoming a crypto exchange over […]

Former JPMorgan Banker Likens Crypto to Financial Revolution

Daniel Masters, chairman of digital investment bank Coinshares, suggested that cryptocurrencies are bolstering a financial “revolution”. The ex-chief of JPMorgan’s global energy trading desk, speaking to Bloomberg recently, likened the current rise in distributed ledger technology and its democratization of peer-to-peer transactions to the internet’s “democratization” of the news. Masters was asked about “leakage” in […]

Barclays UK New Ventures Unit to Explore “Disruptive” Themes

British bank Barclays appears to be the latest to enter the blockchain arena, with Barclays UK announcing a new ventures unit to study “disruptive technology”. The announcement appeared to dance closely around the blockchain topic without directly pointing to cryptocurrency, explaining its mission to innovate in pursuit of “disruptive” themes within the newly created Barclays UK […]

Shortage of Blockchain Developers Causes Industry Issues

At the start of the year, Coincheck Inc suffered from a major hack, losing USD 550 million in tokens. The Tokyo-based exchange put one of the single biggest cryptocurrency thefts in history down to a lack of expertise among staff. With the industry revolving around currency and holding data, it has attracted the attention of […]

The 7 Biggest Mistakes ICO Marketers Make

ICOs have revolutionised the way startups are conceived, created and funded; the traditional venture capital model is now well and truly disrupted. According to figures collated by Coinschedule, investment dollars in ICOs were merely in the millions in 2016, but last year the figure soared into the billions. We’ve barely turned the corner into 2018,… […]

Massachusetts Suspends 5 ICOs Citing “Unregistered Securities”

The Massachusetts Securities ‎Division has suspended five initial coin offerings (ICOs), under the pretext that the tech firms are selling “unregistered securities”. Five ICOs suspended under Massachusetts law Massachusetts law requires digital coins to be registered as securities. The five firms issued the consent orders requiring permanent suspension include Mattervest, Pink Ribbon ICO, Across Platforms, ‎Sparkco, and 18 ‎Moons. All tech firms involved were […]