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ICOs Were Designed to Solve Big Ideas – So Why Is Everyone Thinking Small?

“Start small, think big” urged Steve Jobs. “I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary,” mused Elon Musk. The American dream holds that anyone, regardless of circumstance, background and means, can achieve anything they want through a combination of hard work and smart thinking. And all over the world that […]

What is the solution for today’s business issues?

A lot of people are dreaming of having their own business or have ideas but often there is the financing issue that prevents them from becoming a reality. Many people wish to enter the world of investments but with their modest budget and savings that is close to impossible. Business owners have ideas or desires […]


Estimates show that the market for digital products is on an upward trajectory and should reach over 500 billion USD before 2020. The exciting growth rate opens lots of opportunities within the sector. There is need to make sure that consumers continuously get goods and services sold to them at affordable rates. Secondly, these digital […]

Prime-Ex Perpetual CEO/Co-Founder John Gilbert Discusses Blockchain, Real Estate and Regulation

Technology evangelists have always proposed blockchain as the primary record-keeping management solution for the real estate industry. Many startups – and even governments – have announced to create public registry systems on the top of private ledgers. Prime-Ex Perpetual, at the same time, is a Panama-based startup that has taken the applicability of blockchain in […]

How Apple and Google Marketplaces are Killing Innovation, and How Blockchain can Solve It

The global market in recent years has witnessed a tremendous increase in the number of mobile application downloads. According to the comScore report, the mobile app revenue reached $58 billion in 2016 from $45 billion in 2015. The same report predicts that app revenue will hit a new peak of $77 billion by the end of […]

IMMLA Upgrade Multimodal Transportation Industry with Blockchain

The gospel of blockchain is spreading across all the mainstream industries. While new and emerging startups are building new applications on the top of decentralized ledger technology, the established lot has already decided to spend millions of dollars in researching and developing it in line with their enterprises’ goals. In the middle of the blockchain-mania […]

Blackmoon Crypto Demonstrates the Future of Tokenized Investing

Blackmoon Financial Group, an international FinTech, and investment management company, recently launched a new blockchain platform for tokenized investing. Blackmoon Crypto, as the platform is titled, proposes to create and maintain a viable system for tokenized funds within a legally complied environment. These funds, according to founders Oleg Seydak and Ilya Perekopsy, combine the best […]

Payment Startup UTRUST Announces Membership in Swiss Blockchain Consortium

Newly launched payment startup UTRUST has announced that it will be joining Crypto Valley in the capacity of a corporate member. The announcement comes at a time when UTRUST is actively engaged in a pre-ICO round intended towards raising funds for its cryptocurrency payment platform. The Zug-based startup, according to the whitepaper, intends to raise […]