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What Is the DigixDAO?

Finding a stable store of value in the cryptocurrency world is a lot more difficult than most people believe. Most cryptocurrencies are inherently volatile, yet efforts are underway to combine the best of cryptocurrency with stable assets. The DigixDAO is a very interesting project in this regard, as it is a Distributed Autonomous Organization which […]

What Is the ARC Reserve Currency?

There have been a few attempts to create so-called stablecoins, which are usually currencies pegged to either fiat currencies or other tangible assets. The ARC Reserve Currency is an asset-backed digital stablecoin. All proceeds from the issuance of these coins will be allocated to fixed income investments. A stable-priced cryptocurrency isn’t necessarily appealing to investors, but it […]

GoldMint Onboards Advisors Daniel Kottke and Leonid Boguslavsky as Charlie Shrem Continues to Guide the Development

An innovative platform, GoldMint that operates gold-backed cryptoassets has launched its ICO on September 20, 2017, and has already raised $4.5 mln. This project aims to provide a unique set of gold ownership solutions for cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts worldwide. To realize this project, the developers are expanding the team to include more experienced individuals. Charlie […]