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Marketing Firm Bitcoin PR Buzz Now Provides Free Consultation For Blockchain Companies

Belize Based PR Agency Bitcoin PR Buzz has announced that interested blockchain companies are able to receive one complimentary hour of PR and marketing consultation. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Consultation Details This is entirely free, with no hidden fees or strings attached. Consultation is done with an expert account manager over Skype, with […]

Privacy-Focused Deviant Coin Announces Whitepaper, Cryptocurrency Exchange and Hardware Wallet Releases

With the blockchain world being the target of a number of recent, well-publicised hacks, and online privacy a regular news item, it should come as no surprise that emerging cryptocurrency companies are desperate to prove their data security credentials.  Therefore, many are bolstering their defences with the aim of providing the most secure systems possible, […]

Papusha Rocket Technology Announces ICO for Cleaning Up the Environment

Solving real world problems has always been the driver behind the ongoing blockchain revolution. But for one man, this technology became the enabler of a lifelong ambition to create what was previously thought unimaginable: a rocket and space technology that produces fuel with leftover oil residue from refineries. For anyone else, this dream would have […]

Gath3r Offers Online Publishers Ad-Free Way to Monetize

With the issue of data privacy rarely far from news headlines – regardless of the industry in question – and online advertising proving to be a bugbear for the average Internet user – it comes as no surprise that a number of companies are devising solutions to capitalize on this situation.  Web publishers and app […]

Scalability is an issue of the past thanks to Fractonet

Blockchain technology has carved a niche for itself in the world. In 2017, it was the most talked about tech topic. The attention that Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have garnered is because of their inherent utility. However, like with every other nascent technology, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain both have challenges to surpass. We are living in an […]

Simplifying Blockchain for Enterprise

Businesses are becoming increasingly interested in adapting to innovative blockchain technology. In 2017, the global blockchain market was about USD 340 million and is forecast to grow to USD 2.3 billion by 2021. 2018 is considered an important evolutionary stage for blockchain, as enterprises move from proof-of-concept to full blockchain deployment. The pressure is on, […]

The Blockchain Race: Who Is Going to Win?

Blockchain, potentially the most radical software development of the new millennium, looks set to revolutionize developments in currencies, banking, e-voting, patents, smart contracts, distribution and public services [1]. As a result, we are likely to witness a period of intense competition as software companies around the world vie for the title of innovation leader within […]

Meca Casino Wants to Reinvent Digital Casino Ownership and Provide a Unique Gaming Experience

MECA Casino, a blockchain-based 3D social casino game project, aims to change the paradigm of online casino games by tackling three factors – trust, ownership, and entertainment. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article One of the pain points of online casino games is credibility. There is no easy way to assure players that online gaming […]

Blockchain Company? Obtain Free Consultation with the Original Bitcoin PR Agency, Bitcoin PR Buzz

The first professional Bitcoin PR agency to open its doors for business in 2013, Bitcoin PR Buzz, is now offering a special cost-free offer of a one-hour blockchain PR strategy consultation. This offer is especially tailored for blockchain companies seeking to increase their online presence and expand on their influence, and comes with no obligations. […]

New Bitcoin News Platform Announces Launch

A new Bitcoin News Platform,, is glad to announce their official live launch. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Already Highly Viewed Website The website already receives 1,000,000 views monthly and looks to meet the growing demand for objective news reporting among the various cryptocurrency communities, as well as developing situations around the world […]

CoinSpectator: Top-Rated Cryptocurrency and Blockchain News Aggregator

CoinSpectator is a leading crypto and blockchain news aggregator on the internet, providing the full spectrum of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin news pulled from hundreds of different sources globally. CoinSpectator picks up the news, events and opinions related to the industry in real-time on their live feed, and has been used by Bitcoin News journalists […]

SunContract – Blockchain P2P Energy Company Offering Decentralized Energy to Slovenian Households

For years, people throughout the world have dealt with issues caused by the natural monopoly associated with energy distributors. Fortunately, things are slowly changing for the better with the introduction of the SunContract platform. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article For those who do not know, the project allows individuals to purchase, sell and trade […]