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Tatiana visits New Zealand’s first Bitcoin South

I have been prepping for weeks and have finally arrived in Melbourne for my tour of Australia and New Zealand.  What brings me all the way across the world? Well, Bitcoin South, which is 29th & 30th Nov, in beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand! Not only will I be speaking and performing the Bitcoin Jingle along with […]

Genecoin: DNA for the Blockchain

While it’s a common refrain in the Bitcoin universe that the Blockchain will have countless uses for the storage and management of scarcity in our lives, it’s still a field that’s just starting to deliver on this promise. Enter Genecoin, a newcomer in the Bitcoin space that seeks to fulfill an unlikely spot in our […]

Bitcoiners Prepare for These Words: I Should Have Listened

“The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.” – Robertson Davies, Tempest-Tost   “I should have listened,” say the skeptics, cynics and the disbelievers. But they are speaking of you and your words once you realize they were right. They may honestly believe that your bitcoin fascination will end sadly, wherein they can […]

Tatiana Interviews David Weiss of

  I sat down at Premier Studios on 10/21/14 with my good friend David of NY’s premier industry news website David is one of the few people I know in the music industry taking an interest in Bitcoin. He will be covering it for his own site, and we hope to share content with […]

Digital Revolution in the Granite State

New Hampshire – the first colony to sever ties from Great Britain – is once again leading the revolution. Along with its centuries-long “Live Free or Die” culture, New Hampshire is becoming a Mecca for digital currency enthusiasts. In just the last few years, Bitcoin experts and entrepreneurs have been eagerly coming to New Hampshire […]

TatianaCoin, Decentralize the Music Industry

By: Catherine Bleish Many women love Bitcoin because it simply removes the glass ceiling that exists in so many professional work environments. Bitcoin opens doors of opportunity and empowers women to take their careers into their own hands. Tatiana Moroz is a well known singer / songwriter who decided to leave the mainstream music industry […]

Meet the Central Texas Ladies of Bitcoin, Women Pioneering the Crypto Space Through Entrepreneurship

By: Catherine Bleish Central Texas has always been a hotbed of progressive thought and action. It is currently one of the most thriving Bitcoin meccas on the planet. This is evident by the large number of Bitcoin-centric businesses in the area, the Bitcoin-heavy media (The Liberty Beat, The Crypto Show, Natural News) , and the […]

How My Family Survived 24 Days Traveling on Bitcoin

Overview This summer, my family decided to add a bitcoin-only twist to our annual trip to New Hampshire for the Porcupine Freedom Festival (PorcFest). We had no clue if cross country travel on bitcoin was possible, but our love for adventure and crypto currency inspired us to find out. Last year we challenged ourselves to […]

Unschooling: a Decentralized P2P Education Platform

By: Catherine Bleish I would like to introduce you to a different method of learning, an education system that mirrors many of the strengths found within the Bitcoin network — unschooling. As Bitcoin is to the Federal Reserve Note, unschooling is to standardized education. This decentralized peer-to-peer method of learning provides students with the opportunity […]

Tatiana speaks with Lyn Ulbricht About the Ross Ulbricht Trial

In this video, I sat down to talk with Lyn Ulbricht about the Ross Ulbricht Trial. This case will set precedent for the internet around the world. There also seem to be many questions about the ethicacy and legality of the actions of the FBI. To me, this case is just one example illustrating how […]

Jeffrey and Tatiana Chat at Liberty Fest 5

This is a quick interview I did with Jeffrey Tucker of at Liberty Fest 5 in NY ( We are really pleased that is a partner at Bitcoin Magazine. We look forward to all the shared content, classes, and more!

The Bitfilm Festival

Aaron, your project, the Bitfilm Festival, sounds really interesting.  Can you tell me why you started this project? The Bitfilm Festival started in 2000 as a festival about 3D animation and digital effects, then expanded to show films made for mobile screens, films made with computer games or real time demos. So the name “Bitfilm” […]

Here’s to the Crazy Ones – of Bitcoin

Apple computer’s return from ashes in 1997 began in the public’s mind with one wildly successful ad campaign: “Think Different”. The story for how the ad campaign came together can be found on Back then, the hemorrhaging Apple Computer Corporation desperately hired back Steve Jobs, who led the company back from the ashes in spectacular […]

We’re On A Mission From Doge: Burning Man Part II

Part I can be read here along with this CoinDesk Article on why we changed Camp Bitcoin to Camp Dogecoin   “What is this–that Bitcoin bulls*t?!” were the words I awoke to my first morning at Burning Man. A large burly man declaring himself as “Papa Bear,” who was also in charge of placement of our camp, […]

The First Blockchain Wedding

Written by: David Mondrus “For better or worse, till death do us part, because the blockchain is forever – Joyce and David, 10/5/14” I met Joyce in the Philippines in the spring of 2007. We were introduced by a mutual friend, and we both immediately decided that there was NO way we could ever get along. […]