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U.S. Marshals Auction Completes the Sale of 3,800 BTC

The U.S. Marshals revealed this week it completed the auction that saw the sale of 3,813 bitcoins ($31Mn USD) on January 22. The bitcoins were seized from various civil forfeitures and criminal cases involving U.S. law enforcement agencies like Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Also read: Weiss Ratings Defends its Decision to […]

US Sheriffs Welcome $1.7 Million Windfall After Students Plead Guilty to Stealing 5,400 BTC

Two Jacksonville students are facing up to two decades behind bars after pleading guilty to stealing $4 million worth of bitcoin. The pair hacked darknet site Sheep Marketplace in 2013 and made off with 5,400 BTC. Under forfeiture laws, Nassau County Sheriff’s Office will share in a $1.7 million windfall. Also read: US Marshals Plan to […]

US Marshals Plan to Auction $52M Worth of Seized Bitcoins

The U.S. Marshals announced on January 11 that the agency has plans to have another online bitcoin auction on January 22. The six-hour auction will see the sale of 3,813 bitcoins ($50Mn USD) seized from various criminal cases. Also read: Miami Bitcoin Conference Stops Accepting Bitcoin Due to Fees and Congestion A Six-Hour Online Bitcoin Auction […]

White House ”Monitoring the Situation” While Study Shows Illicit Bitcoin Use Has Dropped

To aging heads of state and conservative bankers, bitcoin is a tool for criminality. To those in the know, nothing could be further from the truth; most bitcoin transactions are for legitimate purposes. Proving this has always been difficult, but a new study adds weight to this argument. Its key finding? Bitcoin hit peak criminality […]

The Only Winner in the Mt Gox Trial is Mark Karpeles

The net worth of Mark Karpeles could run into the hundreds of millions of dollars thanks to a 200,000 stash of bitcoins the disgraced CEO is still sitting on. Those coins are the subject of ongoing legal proceedings in Japan which could see claimants receive less than $500 per coin for their losses. With over […]

Crooked Silk Road Investigator Receives Additional Two-Year Jail Sentence

Bitcoin enthusiasts will recall an individual going by the name of Shaun Bridges. During the Silk Road investigation, Bridges was one of two US officials who stole bitcoins taken from Ross Ulbricht and his darknet marketplace. In a startling turn of events, Bridges will serve an additional two years in jail for money laundering. The sentence is well-deserved, […]

Money Raised From Silk Road Bitcoins Is Now Property of the US

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts will recall how the US Justice Department seized over 144,000 BTC during the Silk Road shutdown. Said bitcoins have always belonged to Ross Ulbricht, who argued the money didn’t belong to the DOJ in the first place. Unfortunately, his appeal was rejected, effectively netting the government institution a US$48 million payday. It’s another […]