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Josh Garza Sentenced to Prison and Fined $9M over GAW & Paycoin Scam

U.S. Attorney’s Office District of Connecticut has announced Homero Joshua Garza (Josh Garza) has been sentenced to “21 months of imprisonment, followed by three years of supervised release, the first six months of which [Mr. Garza] must spend in home confinement, for his role in his companies’ purported generation and sale of virtual currency.” The […]

ABLE Project Exit Scammed, and These Crypto Firms are to Blame

It’s not secret that a dauntingly large percentage of ICOs are fraudulent from the start. However, in most cases, it’s quite simple for speculators to separate the scams, and funds are primarily accumulated from inexperienced or otherwise naive investors that the coin offering targets. Unfortunately, every now and then, these scams pass, unsuspected, until the […]

Top 5 Ways to Spot an ICO Scam in 2018

2018 has proven to be rather successful for the initial coin offering industry. This is despite some of the key risks and pitfalls associated with ICOs still remaining place. With so many new investors joining the risk, the five following best practices are need to be taken into account at all times. Culling the weed […]

Man Amasses World’s Largest Collection of Crypto White Papers

Legal professional John van Rijck has built the biggest white paper database currently available for potential investors to search through around 1,600 projects for free via his website All Crypto Whitepapers. Van Rijck told Bitcoin News why he single-handedly put in the time and work developing the website, who he thinks is actually reading all […]

NASAA Provides Update on ‘Operation Cryptosweep’ Crypto Crackdown

The North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA), announced today, August 28, that the regulatory organization is actively investigating more than 200 initial coin offerings (ICOs) and cryptocurrency investment vehicles as part of the previously revealed Operation Cryptosweep initiative. Operation Cryptosweep Takes Aim at Unregulated Crypto Investments Back in May 2018, the NASAA announced Operation Cryptosweep… […]

$24 Million Thai Bitcoin Scam Involves Renowned Investor and TV Actor

Renowned stock exchange investor Prasit Srisuwan claimed to be a damaged party in the case of a $24 million bitcoin scam that victimized Finnish national Aarni Otava Saarimaa. Srisuwan recommended Saarimaa to invest in DNA 2002 Plc shares, a bitcoin-related business, for its high-growth potential. He brokered the deal, but never managed to deliver the… […]

India Bitconnect Head Arrested

Alleged India Bitconnect head, Divyesh Darji, was arrested this week at a airport in Delhi as he arrived from Dubai. He and conspirators are accused of bilking millions of dollars (Rs 88,000 crore) from Indian investors seeking to find financial refuge during the government’s demonetization campaign. Also read: Report: 15,000 Twitter Crypto Scam Giveaway Bots […]

SEC Slaps ICO Scammer with $30,000 Fine

David T Laurance has been issued a USD 30,000 penalty from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) due to his connection with a fraudulent initial coin offering (ICO). He has also been barred from holding officer and director positions, or from trading in and owning penny stocks. Laurance was the president and CEO of […]

High-Profile Thai Crypto Case: Bitcoiner Lost Over 5,500 BTC – Ringleader Fled to US

A high-profile crypto case involving a well-known actor and model has come to public attention in Thailand following the enforcement of the country’s crypto regulations. Over 5,564 BTC were reportedly stolen from a bitcoin millionaire. The alleged ringleader has fled to the U.S. Thailand’s main crypto regulator is cooperating with the police on the case. […]

Binance Denies 400 BTC Listing Quote; Accuser Responds “You are a F***king Liar” feature ‘Cryptowhispers’ reported on what has turned from rumor to an all-out verbal war between two well-known figures in the cryptoverse. It began last week when Christopher Franko, co-founder of the Expanse project, took to Twitter and accused popular exchange Binance of quoting 400 bitcoin to list a token. The exchange’s head, Changpeng Zhao, […]

Researchers Identify 15,000-Strong Botnet Scamming Crypto Twitter

Cybersecurity firm Duo Security has released an analysis of the botnets of Twitter. During a lengthy paper on the topic, the team behind the research identified over 15,000 bots devoted to scamming users out of cryptocurrency. Duo Security Provide the Tools to Fight Back Against Botnets Researchers at Duo Security have identified a massive botnet… […]

15,000 Twitter Crypto Scam Giveaway Bots: Duo Security

This week, researchers uncovered empirical data confirming what most in the crypto Twittersphere already know – the space if flooded with scam bots: 15,000 of them to be exact, according to Duo Security. Also read: Queensland, Australia Invests Portion of its $6.1Mil Ignite Ideas Fund in Crypto Startup Researchers Find 15K Twitter Crypto Scam Giveaway […]

India Investigates Another Crypto Scam

Cryptocurrency scams have become a very real problem over the past few years. With so many new users entering this ecosystem as of late, it is evident that many are at risk of being scammed. In India, another big crypto scam has been uncovered, and two individuals associated with the venture have been arrested. Cryptocurrency […]

MobileGo in Freefall After Former Team Member Reveals Fraud

A troubling characteristic of ICOs is the explicit lack of accountability that token distributors have to maintain promises. As token holdings do not represent project ownership, deceitful entrepreneurs are emerging among legitimate projects as conmen and snake oil salesmen looking to earn quick riches. A frightening Reddit post on Sunday exposed GNation’s CEO and other […]

Vietnamese Crypto Mining Farm Found Abandoned, Investors Missing $35M

The CEO of Vietnam-based cryptocurrency mining farm Sky Mining has reportedly absconded, leaving investors USD 35 million short. Investors found an abandoned premises The Sky Mining business structure offered people the chance to buy shares in the cryptocurrency mining hardware and collect a percentage of the profits. It advertised these profits at 300% in one year for a […]