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Microsoft Favors Layer-Two Blockchain Scaling Solutions Over Block Size Increases

There have been a lot of interesting discussions regarding the scaling of blockchain technology. So far, a lot of progress has been made in this regard, even though it seems there is no perfect solution in place. According to research by Microsoft, on-chain scaling is best seen as a temporary solution, but in the long […]

Lightning Network can Restore Bitcoin’s Former Glory

Bitcoin users all over the world have high expectations for the Lightning Network. This technology is not close to being production ready, though. Several users have conducted some LN tests on the Bitcoin testnet. So far, these tests yield some great results. Low fees and fast transactions are everything Bitcoin doesn’t have right now. It […]

Ripple’s New Rippled Client Improves Ledger Scalability

Existing cryptocurrencies and digital assets need to keep upgrading their core software at all times. In the case of Ripple and XRP, a new Rippled client has been released. Version 0.81.0 introduces some big changes to improve overall scalability as well as a new recommended validator configuration. Users are advised to upgrade to this new version as […]

What Is Bolt?

Scaling cryptocurrencies has been a very problematic endeavor for most of 2017. In fact, it has been a problem ever since Bitcoin was created but only became more apparent in recent years. While most people are waiting for the Lightning Network to arrive, there’s another possible solution on the horizon. Bolt allows people to conduct […]