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South Korea Looks to Blockchain With Samsung Tech to Improve Customs Service

Electronics giant Samsung is to develop a blockchain powered platform for use by the Korean Customs Services. The IT arm of Samsung, Samsung SDS is basing the platform on Nexledger, currently used by businesses as a way of reducing expenses in managing financial transactions and data exchange. Along with some other 48 organizations, including shipping and […]

Logistics Industry Forges Ahead With Blockchain

Blockchain continues to make its impact on the logistics and supply chain industry around the world as governments and private companies begin to calculate the value of its application in many sectors. Now, with giants Samsung, Walmart, and Carrefour making announcements, the numbers of large multinational companies investigating or actively using the technology is growing, […]

Samsung Investing in Blockchain Shipping Technologies

Samsung is joining a number of other companies in exploring the idea of using blockchain logistics to streamline global supply chains. It is reported that the tech giant has already begun developing a distributed ledger system to monitor international shipments. Recently, IBM has teamed up with Danish shipping giant Maersk and India’s JM Baxi, in order to digitalize their import […]

Seoul Mayor Pushes Ahead With Blockchain

Seoul Mayor, Park Won-Soon, has announced plans to continue to develop the use of blockchain technology in the South Korean capital. This renewal of interest in the technology comes after South Korea’s official announcement earlier this year that there would be no ban on cryptocurrency in the East Asian country. The original declaration by the […]

Hyperledger Project Welcomes 17 New Members, Including Samsung SDS

The Hyperledger Project is gaining more and more attention from all over the world. That is only normal, as every financial service provider in the world wants to be part of the next revolution. Distributed ledgers will play a big role in this regard, and a total of 17 new organizations have joined the Hyperledger […]