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EOS Decentralization Questioned as Block Producers Freeze Accounts

On June 17, 2018, the 21 block producers or nodes that run the EOS network chose to freeze seven accounts that were allegedly stolen from EOS community members. According to reports, all 21 block producers unanimously decided to freeze the compromised assets but the decision was met with controversy from the EOS community, and possibly […]

XRP Price: Value Holds Steady Above $0.50, for now

It will be pretty interesting to see how all of the cryptocurrency markets will evolve from here on out. With Bitcoin still in the red, it is highly likely this negative spiral will continue. For the XRP price, these are trying times as well. Maintaining the price point of just over $0.5 will not be […]

Blockchain Tech Still Has Long Way to Go in Financial Industry: Ripple Executive

The financial industry has been one that has embraced blockchain technology, with many leading global banks investing in their own private blockchains as well as industry collaborations. The degree to which such ventures have succeeded has varied among banks, with some like Santander stating that their blockchain initiatives have been very successful. Others have been […]

Ethereum Futures May Emerge Soon, as SEC Clarifies Ether is Not Security

Ethereum futures may be a thing of the very near future says the Cboe now that the SEC has made an official ruling that Ethereum is not a security. SEC Offers Clarity to Ethereum Thursday’s announcement by the US Securities and exchange commision head William Hinman at the Yahoo Finances all market summit Crypto in… […]

Uneasy Regulatory Status Surrounding Ripple (XRP) Sparks Debates

The situation involving Ripple’s native XRP asset is evolving rather slowly. More specifically, people want to know whether or not this is effectively a security. With the Ethereum situation now clarified, one can only hope more information regarding Ripple in the coming days and weeks. The XRP Situation Remains Unclear There are some characteristics about Ripple’s… […]