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Western Union Is Officially Experimenting with Ripple’s xRapid Technology

Western Union has officially confirmed they are trialing Ripple’s xRapid solution. This is big news for both companies, as improving liquidity in the remittance sector is direly needed. Especially if this also leads to lower fees for users and service providers alike, things can only improve from here on out. Western Union Officially Embraces Ripple’s […]

Global Market Stagnant Despite Bitcoin Gains

While it is widely agreed that past trends cannot predict future markets, today’s cryptocurrency market movements suggest a similar trend to what has been observed multiple times throughout 2017. Today, we see money flowing away from altcoins, back to Bitcoin, as sentiments towards the grandfather coin continue to turn bullish. Bitcoin (BTC) has climbed close to […]

Bitcoin Demand in South Korea Rises as Trade Volume Hits Monthly High

As demand returns to the markets South Korea is once again leading the way for trade volume. Bitcoin recorded a monthly high trading volume on exchanges in the country as fears of clampdowns subside and confidence returns to the crypto markets. Local media reported that domestic Bitcoin trading volume reached a maximum value in the […]