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Bitcoin Price Analysis: Week of Feb 23 (No Volatility)

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Week of Feb 23

Bitcoin Review 2014 Part I: Price and Commerical Activity

CoinTelegraph has put together a research report on Bitcoin’s journey through 2014. This year has seen many unprecedented events in cryptocurrency, and we’d like to highlight the main ones for readers

Encrypted Chat Apps: Which is Best?

It’s been said that sending an email is like sending a postcard—you should assume that it’s viewable by many others. While this is true, it’s only true because trusted third parties—that is, the email providers—have been discovered to either be viewing message contents themselves, or revealing them to additional third parties (e.g. governments or advertisers). […]

“The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” is a Pièce de Résistance

As someone who spends one to two hours every day reading about Bitcoin, I assumed that the newly released documentary “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” wouldn’t have much to offer me. I assumed it would be some sort of primer for people who are unfamiliar with the technology. Boy, was I wrong. I wouldn’t […]

Review of TitanBTC’s Cold Storage

This article, which first appeared in Issue 16, takes a brief look into Tim Fillmore’s TitanBTC project and what makes his cold storage coin unique from the others on the market.  Before TitanBTC, Tim Fillmore previously worked on making a humor brand called “During the 2010 elections, had more hits than the Presidential […]

How One Company Simplified the Wallet Address

There is a new wallet that has surfaced recently that allows users to send Bitcoin and many other digital currencies by using a web address. This new service,, gives users the ability to personalize their payment address in a manner similar to a Tumblr or hosted web address. The Bitcoin Wallet platform makes sending […]

Bitcorati: A Hub For the Bitcoin Community

  A major problem with adapting Bitcoin as one’s main currency is the difficulty in making trust-less transactions. Don’t get me wrong; the technology and network behind Bitcoin aren’t the problem. It’s the disconnect between the network of people that two parties may share that can create concern. There is still an issue with making […]

Verso Unboxing and Usage

Verso is a really interesting new hardware gadget that seeks to make your bitcoin life convenient and secure. Calling it a gadget is somewhat of a misnomer, its just a piece of plastic (yes just like a credit card) with bitcoin keys and QR codes on both sides of the card. One is your public […]