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Betking Review

Betking is one of the many Bitcoin casinos available today, claiming to be the world’s most trusted service provider in this particular industry. A recent winner took home 200 BTC from their platform, and was out promptly, bringing more legitimacy to the claims made by Betking. It goes without saying that Betking has to come […]

Cldmine Cloud Mining Review

There is no shortage of cloud mining services in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency. However, it is important to keep in mind very few of these services are legitimate, as most of these “businesses” are nothing more than a glorified Ponzi Scheme. Cldmine is no exception in this regard, as this so-called cloud […]

Cryptominers Review

There are plenty of websites in the Bitcoin world that will promise potential investors the sun of the moon, even though none of these claims can be backed up in the long run. Cryptominers falls into this particular category, as they claim to run a risk-free Bitcoin multiplier, returning twice the original amount to investors. […]

Cryptocompare Review

There are plenty of companies active in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency who want to bring statistical details and real-time exchange rates tot he community. While every site offers something different, CryptoCompare is a relatively unknown platform to most people. However, they offer an interesting oversight of how Bitcoin and various of the […] Review

Many people in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency are familiar with the services offered by as the name suggests, this platform lets users switch between supported digital currencies and exchange them on the fly. What sets this service apart from traditional exchanges is how users are not required to create an account. […]

Primedice Review

Primedice is one of the longest running Bitcoin gambling sites on the internet available today. Even though they only offer one simple dice game, simplicity can win over providing a large selection of games that people might not be interested in to begin with. Originally founded in May of 2013, Primedice started out as a […]

FortuneJack Review

FortuneJack is one of the most renowned names in the world of online gambling with Bitcoin and altcoins. With a large selection of games – ranging from poker to bingo and Fortune Slot to Binary Trader – there is plenty to do on the platform. Plus, the platform is run by a team of professionals […] Review

Not all of the platforms involved in Bitcoin gambling have to be overly complicated, and is providing exactly such a service. Even though the platform only offers one game, there is a bit of customization possible as far as the game type, and betting amount is concerned. Keeping in mind how the objective of […]

777Coin Review

777Coin is one of the many digital currency casinos available in the world today, but their selection of games sets them apart from the competition. In fact, 777Coin offers some truly unique games to Bitcoin and altcoin players, including Bit Drop, Satoshi Slider, and Bit Boxes. Any casino platform dealing with non=refundable digital currency must […] Review is an online Bitcoin casino launched on November 16th, 2015, it’s goal is to provide the user with a true Las Vegas experience. The site offers a casino section where you can choose to play from any of the 300+ available games. There is also a section for Bitcoin Sportsbook betting if you are looking […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Week of Feb 23 (No Volatility)

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Week of Feb 23

Bitcoin Review 2014 Part I: Price and Commerical Activity

CoinTelegraph has put together a research report on Bitcoin’s journey through 2014. This year has seen many unprecedented events in cryptocurrency, and we’d like to highlight the main ones for readers

Encrypted Chat Apps: Which is Best?

It’s been said that sending an email is like sending a postcard—you should assume that it’s viewable by many others. While this is true, it’s only true because trusted third parties—that is, the email providers—have been discovered to either be viewing message contents themselves, or revealing them to additional third parties (e.g. governments or advertisers). […]