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Cryptocurrency News Round-Up From Russia: Highlights

This is the first in a series of weekly news highlights about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in Russia. Last week’s headlines included an endorsement of blockchain technology from President Putin, tax exemptions for cryptocurrencies and a …

This Week in Bitcoin: Everything Has a Price

In crypto, as in life, everything comes with a price. You want free tokens airdropped to your wallet? Prepare to answer a bunch of questions and follow a bunch of social channels for the pleasure. You want cheap bitcoin transactions? Then the price you must pay is forgoing the network for all but essential transactions. […]

This Week in Bitcoin: Hip Hop and You Don’t Stop

For the first time in forever – okay, a month – bitcoin is looking bullish again. Not wreck-a-china-shop bullish, but enough for us to focus on things other than price action. Things like hip-hoppers whose love affair with bitcoin is blossoming. And cult-like altcoin fanatics whose taste for the Kool-Aid is strengthening. Like a glutinous […]

BlitzWolf BS2 Headphones Review

How do you listen to your audio? Headphones have been around for ages, and although you’ve probably been through a few different styles, little has changed in the actual parts that count, the drivers. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Review The best standard drivers are tuned to sound great and have diaphragms engineered to widen […]

What Features You Need to Look for if You Want to Choose a Good VPN

Security and privacy are top priorities for any enthusiastic internet user. The best way to ensure online security is to use a VPN that encrypts your internet activity. VPNs are also used for ensuring security of business and financial transactions, unblocking of geo-restricted content, security of using Wi-Fi in public places, online shopping, and more. […]

Genesis-Mining Review

There are a plethora of cloud mining companies available. Most are complete scams while others are ponzi schemes, rarely one can find a diamond in the rough where a cloud mining company isn’t going to exit scam or offer contracts which are impossible to make profit on. Genesis-Mining is an old player in the cloud […]

Bitcoin Regulation in Russia Takes a U-Turn, Subject to Review

Russia’s stance towards Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has taken a U-turn. Last week, the country’s finance ministry stated that it is not in a hurry to introduce the Bitcoin draft law. The ministry is planning to review the draft once again. Alexei Moiseev, the Deputy Finance Minister of Russia has announced that the ministry will […]