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Improved Solar Cell Technology Makes Solar Panels More Efficient, Regardless of Their Angle

Solar panels are one of the most intriguing aspects of technology today. More specifically, researchers and scientists all over the world are looking for new ways to make existing solar panels more efficient, cheaper, and appealing to the masses. As it turns out, there is a new type of solar cell which was primarily inspired by […]

China Sees Flammable Ice as the Next Renewable Energy Source

The search for sustainable renewable energy sources continues unabated. China is looking in a very unusual direction to achieve this goal, though. Scientists have been experimenting with samples of combustible ice, which could become a major breakthrough for renewable energy. It appears the team has successfully collected samples, although it remains to be seen how flammable […]

Can Renewable Solar Power Decentralize Bitcoin Mining Operations?

Over the past few years, some bitcoin enthusiasts have found ways to use renewable energy sources such as solar power to mitigate electrical costs associated with mining the decentralized cryptocurrency. Also Read: Five Geeked Out Fantasies You Can Fulfill Today With Bitcoin It’s a well-known fact that bitcoin mining consumes energy. Many people don’t realize the […]

Tesla Announces Rooftop Tiles With Embedded Solar Panel Capabilities

The world of technology is filled with new opportunities waiting to be explored. Tesla, while famous for creating some of the most desired cars in the world, is looking into different markets as well. One of their new projects revolves around roof tiles with integrated solar panels. A very practical concept, as it removes those […]