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This Week in Bitcoin: Time to Build

If there’s one thing a crypto recession’s good for, it’s rebuilding. It’s debatable whether we’re in a full-blown recession admittedly, but whatever you wanna call it, the charts ain’t looking too pretty. The upside to that is it’s a great time for looking elsewhere. With Easter imminent, it seems fitting that some of crypto’s biggest […]

Bank of International Settlements Labels Canada as a “Recession Risk” Amid Local Real Estate Bubble

Recession can affect any country in the world. Although some countries show signs of financial recovery, Canada is not among them. The new report by the bank of International Settlements feels Canada is prone to a recession in the coming months. These findings are not entirely surprising, as the country’s real estate market bubble will […]

Deteriorating UK Economy Signals Time for Plan Bitcoin

Things are only getting worse for the United Kingdom, by the look of things. As many people expect, the Bank of England decided to cut interest rates in half, with a possibility or lowering them further if needed. Additionally, the Pound Sterling took another beating, and the economy in the UK is quickly deteriorating. If […]

Mainstream Media In Venezuela Condemns Bitcoin

Digital currency is gaining more popularity all over the world, and Venezuela is one of the most recent countries where Bitcoin adoption is starting to gain traction. Although the local government is not too keen on Bitcoin in general, consumers and businesses are flocking to digital currency because it operates outside of the control of […]