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Employees of Canadian Bitcoin Company Kidnapped For Ransom, Freed

A Canadian peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange has fallen victim to a failed heist attempt. The incident occurred at Canadian Bitcoins, a business located in the Nepean area of the city of Ottawa. According to reports in the Ottawa Sun, three armed suspects gained entry to the Concourse Gate property out of which the company works. Those […]

Hong Kong Hacker Arrested in Blackmail for Bitcoin Case

A suspect in a case involving hacking, blackmailing and Bitcoin has been arrested in Hong Kong. A 30-year-old computer technician has been taken in custody in connection with cyberattacks against two travel agencies. The man risks years of imprisonment. Personal data of customers was held for ransom. Tour operators were asked to pay 1 Bitcoin […]

Game of Thrones Hackers Demand $7.5M in Bitcoin From HBO – or Spoiler Alert Galore

Just recently a group of hackers made off with 1.5TB of data from servers owned by the cable television network HBO. The thieves managed to leak a few unaired episodes of the network’s original shows and a Game of Thrones script from this Sunday’s new episode. According to reports, the hackers want a total of […]

Assisting in Bitcoin Purchases for Ransomware May Be Illegal in the US

‘White hat’ security consultant, Vinny Troia, had his Coinbase account suspended for breaching US regulations by paying cyber-ransoms, amidst growing concerns that US anti-money laundering legislation needs to be updated for the cryptocurrency era. Also Read: US Lawmakers Urged to Take Action Against Unlicensed Offshore Bitcoin Exchanges Troia Was Unable to Provide U.S. Department of […]

Will Criminals Start Kidnapping People and Asking for Ransomware in Bitcoin?

Some of the very first associations that the wider public made with Bitcoin upon learning about it were fairly focused on its potentially nefarious connotations. That being said, Bitcoin can still be used for criminal activities. This is most noticeable in the recent wanna cry ransomware attacks and fileless ransomware attacks. So does this mean […]

Extortionists Now Send Fake Bitcoin Ransom Threats

Bitcoin demanding ransomware has become a common occurrence these days. People dread receiving a ransom note from cybercriminals responsible for launching attacks on critical IT infrastructure and web applications across the internet. Many times, such acts lead to massive losses while compromising the safety and security of those directly or indirectly affected by the attack. […]

Hackers Lock Romantik Seehotel Jaegerwirt’s Guests out of Their Rooms, Demand Bitcoin Ransom

Hackers attacking critical IT infrastructure for Bitcoin ransom is not a new thing. It has been happening on a regular basis in the past couple of years. But attacking a hotel and locking hundreds of guests out of their rooms probably never happened before last week. According to reports, one of the top European hotels, […]