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Lisk Blockchain Halts on Failsafe Due to Unexpected Bug

During the early hours of Saturday morning, transactions made on the Lisk blockchain came to a full stop as a faulty transaction triggered automated security systems on the network. Lisk Blockchain Shutdown The President and CEO of Lisk, Max Kordek, quickly wrote a Reddit post that explained the situation to the Lisk community.  Max noted: … […]

PIVX Becomes the World’s First Anonymous Proof-of-Stake Cryptocurrency

Privacy plays an ever-growing role of importance in the world of cryptocurrency. Very few coins can effectively offer this important trait at this stage. PIVX, an altcoin with a small following, is evolving in an interesting direction. It has now become the world’s first anonymous proof-of-stake cryptocurrency. Why Does Proof-of-stake Matter? Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are familiar… […]

What Is Peercoin?

Most people currently venturing into cryptocurrency may not know about some of the currencies which helped create this ecosystem. Peercoin is one of those currencies which a lot of people tend to forget about, even though it is still a thing. There are a lot of interesting features of Peercoin which people should be paying attention […]

Evolving Crypto Technologies To Watch In 2018

The cryptosphere is growing exponentially as enthusiasts across the world are hard at work on improvements and new technologies. Let’s take a look at a few of these techs, and what they could mean for the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in 2018. 1. Off-chain channels A concept that first saw light in 2015, off-blockchain […]