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A BCH Fueled Version of Patreon is Coming This August

Just recently a team of programmers announced the creation of a ‘,’ a platform that aims to be similar to the popular membership application, Patreon. This particular platform, however, will be censorship resistant and powered by bitcoin cash (BCH) payments. In order to fund the protocol, two developers have raised 47 BCH so far out of […]

Extreme AI Surveillance Enables Chinese Schools to Trace Students’ Emotions

Several middle and high schools in China have been utilizing advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning systems to evaluate the emotions, thoughts, and performance of students in class. The highly sophisticated surveillance system implemented by the Chinese government was introduced in late 2017, according to the BBC. As seen in the short documentary below, […]

What Are Secret Contracts?

Innovation is not hard to come by in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Smart contracts are of keen interest to developers all over the world. In the case of the Enigma project, there is a feature known as secret contracts. Adding privacy features to smart contracts makes sense on paper, but are they feasible […]

Mastercard Latest Crypto Patent: Anonymous Third Party Transactions

This week marks another set of patents granted Mastercard, which is part of a many years attempt by the payments behemoth to employ technology underpinning most cryptocurrencies. The latest turn involves anonymous distributed ledger transactions via a third party processor. Also read: Bitlicense Should be Smashed, Candidate for New York Governor Urges Mastercard Granted Still […]

Top Ways Blockchain Tech Is Changing Social Media

Have you ever found yourself feeling like “social” media is actually the complete opposite? Not only does the content on it often cause depression and anxiety, but there’s a plethora of fake news, data leaks, and advertisers clamoring for attention. The EU’s GDPR is making things more complicated all around, and people are starting to […]