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DLTs For All: Apollon Enables Businesses To Utilize Blockchain Technology to Enhance Revenue Streams

Apllon Foundation believes in the free flow of value through blockchain, giving retail and other businesses the opportunity to take advantage of the decentralized technology. July 21st, 2018, Location: Blockchain technology without doubt is a game changer in the modern, cut throat competition-based world. The decentralized technology’s efficient, cheap and robust system gives businesses the […]

Targeting Media Ecology, PR Chain Reshapes Global Media Credibility with Blockchain

With the full development of the Internet, Internet media is now everywhere in our life. Media has grown to be the most important cornerstone of modern economy as its intangible value gradually surpasses the tangible ones. Like any other technology, media industry has encountered bottleneck, and it is one that is hard to overcome. However, […]

DLT for Different Spheres Will Be Discussed in Stockholm

On September 11, the international company Smile-Expo will conduct a large crypto event Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm for the second time. In the framework of the conference, experts will meet in the capital of Sweden to talk about the decentralized technology usage in various sectors. What is Waiting for the Guests? The conference will […]

PR: STRYKZ on Goal: Tokenizing the Beautiful Game

Bitcoin Press Release: Football and cryptocurrency would have been regarded as two unlikely bedfellows just a few years ago, and yet they continue to find themselves rubbing shoulders in new and interesting ways. July 13th, 2018, Berlin, Germany – That trend continues this month with the launch of the first fantasy football token – STRYKZ. […]

PR: Blockchain Industry Celebrities Support BitKop Blockchain Green Consensus Action Signature Event

Bitcoin Press Release: The BitKop Blockchain Green Consensus Action Signature Event, promoted by the BitKop trading platform and supported by their strategic partner TokenSky, kicked off in Tokyo, Japan on July 4. July 12, 2018. Tokyo, Japan:  The event, which strongly advocated for the protection of the industry through a one-line declaration serving as the […]

PR: Former Malta Finance Minister backed payment startup QuickX announced Presale

Bitcoin Press Release: Cryptocurrencies were created as a citizen’s answer to an establishment’s shortcoming. The 2008 recession caused havoc across the world, destabilized economies, cost jobs and destroyed lives. The answer lay in a decentralised currency, which would not be controlled by any government or central agency; Bitcoin was born. 11th July, 2018. Malta – […]

Tezos Foundation to Issue Grants for Research and Development of Its Protocol

The Tezos Foundation will accept proposals from developers who seek to carry out research and development of its protocol. The grantmaking process will commence in August and consider applications from developers, research institutions and community members, with the Tezos Foundation Board making the ultimate decision as to which projects are the most deserving. Tezos has […]

Will Ludos be Softbank’s next move into blockchain?

Project PAI, Softbank has made its second move, following its previous investment in a blockchain game public chain project. Softbank has recently announced its’ partnership with Ludos. Prior to this merger, top-tier crypto-investment firms including DU Capital,  BA Capital and Collinstar Capital have participated in the Angel round. With Softbank, Ludos’ investment partners have now […]

VINchain Joins Ford, BMW, GM and Renault As Some of the Big Names to Connect with MOBI

VINchain has become a new partner of the industrial consortium MOBI, which is creating a new mobile ecosystem based on the distributed registry. MOBI is the most significant joint venture in the automotive industry. The Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative includes more than 30 founding members, including Bosch, Blockchain at Berkeley, Hyperledger,, IBM, and IOTA. […]

Pink Taxi. Safer rides for women by women

What is Pink Taxi? Pink Taxi is a blockchain-based platform that offers transportation services only to women, and it employs only female drivers. Its objective is to provide a safe and comfortable environment. This women-only cab service does not only provide solo female travelers a secure transportation alternative, but it also makes available jobs for […]

ERC-1155 Token Standard to be Adopted by Touchhour in “9Lives Arena”: A PvP RPG Built For PC, Xbox, Playstation 4, Android, and iOS

  Touchhour Inc has announced their adoption of Enjin Coin (ENJ)’s blockchain development platform, which enables them to mint next-generation ERC-1155 tokens, for their upcoming PvP RPG, ‘9Lives Arena’. Designed for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, the game’s integration of the ERC-1155 token standard will set precedence in the usability of Ethereum’s blockchain and enable players […]

PR: Ongoing Hacks Highlight Need for Better Security, Decentralized Exchanges, says

Security and protection of users’ digital assets is a problem that has plagued cryptocurrency exchanges for years, and unfortunately, it isn’t going away. The solution, — says Zihan, co-founder of, is decentralized trading platforms who make security their top priority. represents a new breed of exchanges that fully utilize the power of blockchain […]

PR: Stellar to Power The London Football Exchange: the World’s First Football Club Exchange and Fan Marketplace

Bitcoin Press Release: Stellar-powered startup, the London Football Exchange has announced that it will partner with leading software company London, England — July 10, 2018 — The London Football Exchange (LFE) announced that it has partnered with, a software company that develops applications and infrastructure for the Stellar ecosystem and will be building […]