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New Party in Ukraine to Fund Itself Only with Cryptos

A newly formed party in Ukraine has vowed to rely only on cryptocurrency contributions to sustain its activity and never to accept money from the oligarchs. Weakening state control over economy and expanding civil liberties are among its main political priorities. The party wants to protect the interests of people and companies from the IT […]

Over 17,000 Sign Petition Against India’s Crypto Ban

A petition supporting blockchain has gained 17,000 signatures since India Central Bank’s announced it was to terminate business with crypto-related accounts on 5 April. Starting on the same day the Central Bank made its statement, the impetus behind the petition has been driven mainly by younger users who are employed in the industry, citing youth unemployment […]

SEC Approves Petition to Review Bitcoin ETF Rejection

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rejected the proposed rule change to list and trade a Bitcoin ETF on Bats BZX Exchange on March 10. The exchange then filed a petition for a review of the Commission’s decision, which was granted on Monday. Also read: SEC Rejects Rule Change for Bitcoin ETF SEC Grants […]

Indian Bitcoin Community Signs Petition Demanding Legal Status for Cryptocurrencies

The Indian cryptocurrency ecosystem recently woke up to a shocking news on leading media outlets. It was reported that the use of Bitcoin in the country is illegal and could attract penalties under anti-money laundering laws. However, the report was not entirely accurate, and the news platforms were quoting a Member of Parliament seeking the […]

Bats Exchange Fights Back Against SEC’s Decision to Reject Bitcoin ETF

Bats BZX Exchange has submitted a “notice of intention to petition for review of order disapproving” its proposed rule change to list and trade Coin ETF by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Also read: SEC Rejects Rule Change for Bitcoin ETF Notice of Intention to Petition National law firm Schiff Hardin LLP faxed its […]

Opinion: What Do We Gain by Sending Bitcoin to Mars?

Bitcoin has been conquering new boundaries since its inception. As the cryptocurrency’s price continues to soar to new heights, there are calls for enabling inter-planetary bitcoin transactions. Recently, a former employee of Facebook and founder of an experimental content publishing platform Troider, Roman Koshlyak launched a petition to enable bitcoin transactions to Mars. In his […]

New Petition Wants Walmart To Accept Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts would like nothing more than seeing major retailers accept Bitcoin payments directly. Albeit there is no additional hardware cost for brands to do so, they will need to train staff members to complete transactions. A new petition has surfaced on to have Walmart accept Bitcoin payments moving forward. Walmart and Bitcoin Is […]

Petition Against Encryption Backdoors Surpasses 70% of Target

In April of 2016, an anti-encryption law was put forward by US government officials, forcing encryption protocols to contain backdoors. A petition was started to get consumers and enterprises to vote against these proposals, and 70% of the petition’s goal has been reached so far. More Outspoken Opinions Against Encryption Backdoors It is positive to […]

Comments and Petitions: How the BitLicense Will Affect the Future of Bitcoin

When Ben Lawsky and the NYDFS met with key players in the Bitcoin community earlier this year, there were many questions of what the committee would propose and how it would affect Bitcoin entrepreneurs, businesses and the future of the digital currency industry. For nearly everyone in the Bitcoin ecosystem, the proposed BitLicense struck a […]