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Nordic-Baltic Region Scoops up $6.3B of Europe’s Fintech Business

According to a MagnaCarta, Fintech Mundi and Mastercard report, fintech companies are continuing to thrive in Scandinavia and also in the Baltic regions, writes Fintech Schweiz Digital Finance News. They are reported to have created half of the industries main players in Europe to date and those firms seeking fintech partnerships is far higher than the […]

PayPal CFO: Merchants Don’t Use Crypto Because of Its Volatility

The CFO of PayPal has stated that merchants using the service are not in favour of accepting cryptocurrency payments. John Rainey, the chief financial officer of the online payments company, said that the volatility of digital currencies makes them unsuitable for use as a currency at present. Bitcoin Proving Too Volatile to Use as a… […]

PayPal’s Ever Increasing Fees Will Push Users to Cryptocurrency

PayPal was an innovator in digital payment services but as they introduce a new, costlier fee structure more people may find using Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies an easier, cheaper alternative. PayPal Increases Base Fees PayPal is a name recognized worldwide as a merchant payment system that has been allowing people to transfer money digitally at a lower rate than… […]

WikiLeaks Shop Sees Coinbase Account Suspended

WikiLeaks has reported on Twitter that its merchandising subsidiary, WikiLeaks Shop, has had its account blocked with Coinbase, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. The Tweet shows an alleged email from Coinbase stating that WikiLeaks Shop had violated the cryptocurrency exchange’s terms of service, although as yet the exchange has made no further comment on […]

PayPal Policy Change Forces Consumers to Take Cryptocurrency More Seriously

Making payments online can be done through many different ways. Cryptocurrencies play a growing role of importance in this regard. Taking the crown from the likes of PayPal will not happen overnight. Even so, the latter company is making some policy changes which will not be to everyone’s liking. The PayPal Policy Changes Online payment… […]

Peter Thiel States Bitcoin Will Be the Online Equivalent to Gold

Paypal co-founder and billionaire investor Peter Thiel sees Bitcoin as the online equivalent to gold, betting on Bitcoin and arguing that a quest to amass a great deal of money is the bubble that never pops. Thiel holds Bitcoin as a haven for its stores on monetary assets. Thiel has decades’ worth of strategic and […]

Paypal Files Patent Application: Company Looking to Get Involved in Virtual Currencies

According to an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, PayPal wants to speed up crypto transaction processing times and has filed a patent for a faster cryptocurrency payment system. Since PayPal kicked off in 2002, the company has dominated the online payment scene — but they face increasing competition: in the last couple years cryptocurrency […]

PayPal Files Patent for Off-Chain Payments to Speed up Cryptocurrency Processing

According to a recent patent filing, Paypal Inc. is developing a new protocol that will make crypto transactions faster — great news for Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Published last week, the patent details a new system that would transfer private keys outside of the blockchain to speed up transactions. Such off-chain solutions have been hailed by the likes […]