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Russian Ministry of Finance: Anti-Bitcoin Law ‘Will Finally Be Passed This Year’

Speaking at the All-Russian Banking Conference, Deputy Minister of Finance Alexey Mioseev stated that the bill proposing penalties for using “monetary surrogates” will finally become law this year.

Facebook Launches P2P Payments, Denies ‘Building Payments Business’

Without a doubt, mobile payment is hot topic these days. Google, Facebook, Apple, Samsung, are only a few that have stepped into the mobile payment battle, determined to create the next killer mobile

‘ Has Stopped Over $1.2M Worth of Frauds in the Past 6 Months,’ Says Founder

In light of users’ complaints over withdrawal delays on Australian Bitcoin exchange Igot, founder Rick Day, responds to clients concerns and sheds light on his exchange’s verification process.

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Week of Feb 23 (No Volatility)

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Week of Feb 23