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This Week in Bitcoin: Half Full or Half Empty?

Doomsdayers out in force; Paul Krugman being Paul Krugman; Tether upto its usual tricks and the usual gamut of scams, schemes, and shakedowns. It’s been emotional. It’s been nerve-wracking. But it’s also been a total riot. Welcome to This Week in Bitcoin. Also read: Trading Tip `The Wall´ – I Was Wrong We’re All Gonna Make […]

Paul Krugman Is Excited to See Bitcoin Have Issues

Yesterday on January 11 the American economist and professor of economics, Paul Krugman, seemed pretty excited about The North American Bitcoin Conference not being able to accept bitcoin for tickets. Krugman tweeted our recent article to his 4 million followers gloating that bitcoin is “too clunky and expensive.” Also read: South Korea Urges 23 Countries, […]

Paul Krugman Takes Another Potshot at Bitcoin

If you and I are ready to settle our trade in Bitcoin, this technological marvel is here to stay. But even a nobel award winning — and stubbornly ideological — economist like Paul Krugman has to be explained this very simple fact. The poster child of traditional finance system has once again tried his very […]

Bitcoiners Prepare for These Words: I Should Have Listened

“The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.” – Robertson Davies, Tempest-Tost   “I should have listened,” say the skeptics, cynics and the disbelievers. But they are speaking of you and your words once you realize they were right. They may honestly believe that your bitcoin fascination will end sadly, wherein they can […]

Why Charles Stross Doesn’t Know a Thing about Bitcoin

Science fiction writers excel at predicting the future. Jules Verne imagined rocket ships long before rockets were blasting into space. William Gibson foresaw the rise of the internet in Neuromancer. Arthur C Clark wrote about satellites decades before one ever shuttled a call to a cell phone. At its core, sci-fi writing is about imagination, […]