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OpenBazaar Struggles with Bitcoin Fees, CyberMiles Launches Crypto-Only Marketplace with Zero Transaction Fees

Washington Sanchez, co-founder of the well-known decentralized marketplace OpenBazaar, recently expressed his frustration over the high fees associated with Bitcoin (BTC) transactions. On May 4, Sanchez tweeted, “I personally wasted so much time in the Bitcoin scaling civil war that I could have used designing/building dapps and opening up OpenBazaar to multiple currencies. Instead, we had […]

Openbazaar Raises $5M from Investors Including Bitmain

On Tuesday, March 13, OB1, the company building the cryptocurrency-centric marketplace Openbazaar, has announced it has raised $5 million USD in a recent series A funding round. According to the startup, Omers Ventures and Bitmain Technologies were the lead investors in the funding round for the e-commerce marketplace. Also Read: Survey Finds South Korean Youth the […]

Bitcoin Cash Markets Recover — While Infrastructure Support Increases

This past week bitcoin cash (BCH) markets have been suffering from the bearish sentiment plaguing cryptocurrencies across the board. On February 6 the price of BCH reached a low of $740 per coin but has since bounced back to the $950-1,050 region on Bitstamp Tuesday evening. Also Read: Australian Freeze: Big Aussie Banks Denying Bitcoiners Bitcoin […]

OpenBazaar’s OBT Token Creates New Monetization Opportunities

OpenBazaar is a project of great interest to many cryptocurrency users all over the world. This decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace solution opens up a lot of opportunities. OpenBazaar’s developers are always looking to make their product more appealing. Introducing native tokens and smart contracts are two ways of doing exactly that. More big Features Come to OpenBazaar […]

Bitcoin Cash Network Status: Transactions On the Rise

The Bitcoin Cash network is trucking along as the blockchain is currently finishing up its fourth month of existence. As more adoption and infrastructure support has been added to the BCH network over the past few months, many bitcoin cash supporters are optimistic about the cryptocurrency’s future. Also read: How to Protect Your Bitcoin and Your […]

Darknet Markets Are Back – But With the Blockchain Bloated Who’s Buying?

Darknet markets, prized for their range of wares not commonly found on the clearnet, are back online. For the past three weeks, the most popular DNMs, including Dream and Aero, have been offline due to sustained DDoS attacks. Now, following a lengthy hiatus, the majority of markets are back online. There’s just one problem: with […]

With Segwit2X Called Off, Crypto Developers Get Back to Work

Over the past few weeks, a fog of uncertainty over bitcoin’s direction has forced a number of crypto projects to grind to a halt. Everything from blockchain development to token generation events has been on ice while the machinations surrounding the Segwit2X hard fork played out. Following yesterday’s news that the proposal had been abandoned, […]