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This Week in Bitcoin: Hip Hop and You Don’t Stop

For the first time in forever – okay, a month – bitcoin is looking bullish again. Not wreck-a-china-shop bullish, but enough for us to focus on things other than price action. Things like hip-hoppers whose love affair with bitcoin is blossoming. And cult-like altcoin fanatics whose taste for the Kool-Aid is strengthening. Like a glutinous […]

Algorithmic Trading Platform Quantconnect Extends Reach to Cryptocurrencies

The GDAX exchange, owned and operated by the firm Coinbase has just announced integration with the popular algorithmic trading platform Quantconnect. Now cryptocurrency traders can utilize Quantconnect’s trading algorithm interface to execute a swathe of exchange strategies. Also read: An Introduction to Bitcoin Trading and Technical Charts Identify, Backtest and Research New Quants With GDAX and […]

Bitpay Partners With Bitmain in a ‘Multi-Million Dollar Agreement’

On May 2 the blockchain service provider and bitcoin payment processor Bitpay announced a strategic partnership with the mining device manufacturer Bitmain. Also read: Bitcoin Exchanges Multiply in Japan as Demand from Institutional Investors Rises Bitpay Enters the Untapped Market of Mining Companies The Atlanta-based bitcoin company Bitpay has revealed it has entered a “multi-million dollar […]

How to Run Your Own Instance of Mastodon, the Decentralized Twitter Challenger

Many people are unhappy with Twitter. Some are looking into a new decentralized “tweeting” platform called Mastodon, which has seen rapid growth this month. People are peeved at Twitter because the company has made some questionable decisions, including altering their interface. It now operates much like Facebook in terms of functionality. This has turned some people off. […]

What is the Freenode Project?

There are quite a few online projects which deserve a lot more attention than they are getting right now. The Freenode project is an initiative that is designed to bring developers and enthusiasts of open source projects closer together. It is worth mentioning the Freenode project has been around for nearly 23 years right now, […]

Status Introduces CommitETH – A Tool Designed to Foster Open Source Software Development

Status is a messenger and browser to access the decentralized web of Ethereum. With the high level goals of preserving the collective right of humans to privacy, mitigating the risk of censorship, and promoting economic trade in a transparent, open manner, Status is building a community where anyone is welcome to join and contribute to […]