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This Week in Bitcoin: Half Full or Half Empty?

Doomsdayers out in force; Paul Krugman being Paul Krugman; Tether upto its usual tricks and the usual gamut of scams, schemes, and shakedowns. It’s been emotional. It’s been nerve-wracking. But it’s also been a total riot. Welcome to This Week in Bitcoin. Also read: Trading Tip `The Wall´ – I Was Wrong We’re All Gonna Make […]

US Senate Ends Debate on NSA’s Warrantless Mass Surveillance Proposal

The last thing our society needs is having another government agency be granted even more oversight. This is especially true if that agency is none other than the NSA. For some reason, the US Senate has voted to end debate on expanding the NSA’s surveillance authority even further. The debate in question was rather one-sided, and the “but terrorism” […]

Cryptocurrency Mining Malware CoinMiner Spreads Using NSA Exploit

Mining cryptocurrency can be extremely profitable, especially if you use someone else’s computer to avoid paying for expensive hardware or electricity. According to Japanese security firm Trend Micro, hackers have created malware known as CoinMiner that uses an exploit developed by the NSA to use victims’ computers to mine cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency Mining Malware According to reports, CoinMiner […]

The Shadow Brokers Earn US$90,000 Worth of Monero With Monthly Exploit Service

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts will remember the Shadow Brokers. The hacker collective has been making a lot of headlines over the past few months. Not too long ago, it started selling major exploits through a monthly subscription service, and appears to have made around US$90,000 from doing so. The information below comes from an anonymous researcher and should be taken […]

North Korea Commences Large Scale Bitcoin Mining Operation

Information recently surfaced that someone in North Korea has started mining bitcoin. According to Recorded Future, a threat intelligence company, on May 17 North Korea initiated a rather large mining operation. Prior to this date, there was minimal bitcoin node activity in the country.  Also Read: Indian Multi-Industry Survey Shows 97% Awareness of Bitcoin The website […]

Security Researcher Publishes NSA Exploit Capable of Affecting Newer Windows Versions

Recent NSA exploits were partially responsible for multiple major ransomware outbreaks. In most cases, these NSA exploits could only be leveraged against older versions of the Windows operating system. It now appears that a security researcher has successfully made the ETERNALSYNERGY exploit applicable to newer versions of the popular OS. If researchers can make this happen, […]

NSA’s DOUBLEPULSAR Exploit Aids in Distributing New Monero Mining Malware

It has been a while since cybercirminals leveraged one of the many NSA exploits in circulation. It now turns out a new type of malware is making the rounds. This particular tool infects Windows computers with a cryptocurrency mining Trojan. The distribution of the malware is made possible thanks to the DOUBLEPULSAR exploit, which targets […]

Hackers Use NSA Exploit to Mine Monero Using Victims’ Computers

Reports have surfaced detailing a malware trojan that uses an NSA hacking tool to infect Windows computers with a cryptocurrency mining bug. The virus identifies available resources on a victim’s PC that can be used to initiate the mining of XMR (Monero). The Trojan Was First Reported by Russian Antivirus Dr.Web Bleeping Computer has reported […]