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North Korean Hackers Secretly Mining Crypto

According to South Korean cyber crime analysts at Financial Security Group, a hacking ring known as Andariel have been seizing control of computers to mine cryptocurrencies. It’s believed that they’re operating from within North Korea and it is sanctions against Kim Jong Un’s regime that is causing the hackers to experiment with such unorthodox tactics. […]

North Korea Behind Recent YouBit Hack?

Cybercrime experts are attributing the most recent Bitcoin heist to North Korea. The Wall Street Journal report that the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange YouBit is the latest victim of a malicious hacking, and that their northern neighbours are to blame. YouBit have been forced to declare themselves bankrupt after 17 percent of their digital assets […]

North Korean Hackers Attacked South Korean Exchanges, NIS Claims

As originally reported by local media outlets, the South Korean National Intelligence Service has traced previous hackings of domestic cryptocurrency exchanges back to the North.  North vs. South This Saturday, South Korean newspapers recapped reports by the NIS that claimed North Korean hackers were behind an attack on the Bithumb exchange. The hack, which began after an […]

North Korean Hackers Continue to Target Bitcoin Platforms in Europe and Asia

North Korea has quickly become one of the most scrutinized nations on the planet. That’s not entirely surprising, given its recent missile tests and large-scale state-sponsored hacking operations. It is this latter part which is making the biggest headlines right now. More specifically, there are rumors that North Korean hackers are targeting Bitcoin service providers once again. North Korea Wants Your […]

North Korean Hackers Ramp up Malware Attacks Against Bitcoin Service Providers

There have been numerous attacks involving malware over the past few years. A growing number of these attacks are aimed at cryptocurrency users and service providers. According to Yonhap News, new statistics indicate things are slowly getting out of hand in this regard. A 370% increase in the frequency of malware and ransomware attacks is pretty […]

North Korean Hackers Ramp Up Malware Attacks Against Bitcoin Exchange Staff

Malware targeted against cryptocurrency users is becoming increasingly prevalent, a new report shows. Attacks are also getting more sophisticated, with enterprising hackers less focused on cryptocurrency holders and more intent on directing their firepower at bitcoin exchanges. The blame for such intrusions is being directed firmly at North Korea, where many of the attacks are […]

GoldenShield ICO Aims to Hack North Korea

We have seen many interesting cryptocurrency ICOs so far. Most of these business models seem to have some form of merit. There are also currencies which are clearly designed to have no value, with their teams being transparent about this fact. It is hard to fit GoldenShield into either of these categories, as it almost appears to […]