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Global Market Stagnant Despite Bitcoin Gains

While it is widely agreed that past trends cannot predict future markets, today’s cryptocurrency market movements suggest a similar trend to what has been observed multiple times throughout 2017. Today, we see money flowing away from altcoins, back to Bitcoin, as sentiments towards the grandfather coin continue to turn bullish. Bitcoin (BTC) has climbed close to […]

Gaming Champion And Pioneer Of Esports Provides Vital Knowledge To Triforce Tokens

As the titanic rise of Esports and competitive gaming continues to break records and drive the professional video games community into a new, dizzying height of celebrity; there exists important milestones along this albeit young, but explosive journey. Legendary games have provided the foundation on which Esports has been able to grow, and develop the […]

Blockchain-based Esports Platform TriForce Partners with Busca to Grow Gaming Industry in Latin America

Blockchain-based gaming platforms are a new hit in the decentralized economy which is taking over the virtual world. Many of the new decentralized gaming setups are partnering with existing gaming platforms to give their users exclusive discounts and features of the partner itself. E-gaming is posting healthy growth ever since its inception and many of […]

The World’s First Decentralized and Transparent Lottery is Here Brought To You by FireLotto

On the 1st of January of this year, FireLotto launched, making it the first decentralized blockchain lottery in the world,guaranteeing complete transparency through the use of Ethereum smart contracts. Whilst there are other blockchain lotteries in circulation, they have not proven to be transparent much like regular lotteries, where customers have no real ability to […]

FriendUp: A Transparent Cloud Service From a Transparent Country – Norway’s First TGE

Norway is famous for its governmental institutions being the most transparent in the world. Norwegians take pride in their system being trustworthy. It is not only the government, but businesses and everyday life of the citizens too. Trust and openness is the foundation of their society. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Worldwide Connections Friend […]