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NEO Price Needs to Find Support Before $100 is Reached

The past few days were not easy for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Any small gain recorded in any market will quickly be pushed back down. This vicious cycle of small gains and steep losses has become rather problematic for most altcoins. Even the NEO price is struggling to find any stable ground whatsoever. Despite a surge to […]

NEO Price Struggles to Break the $150 Resistance

Even though most cryptocurrency markets are showing signs of recovery, some altcoins still struggle a bit. Struggling is a term used rather loosely here, though, as a 1.65% dip compared to 24 hours is nothing these days. For the NEO price, the fight for dominance over $150 is still in full effect as we speak. […]

NEO Price Keeps Rising as $175 Becomes the Next Target

After some very solid gains yesterday, it seems the NEO price is only just getting started. Whereas the value of this cryptocurrency was $145 per coin yesterday afternoon, it has now risen to $168. This growth is rather unprecedented for NEO, although it remains to be seen whether or not it can continue for much […]

NEO Price Reaches $145 Despite Bearish Cryptocurrency Markets

This past week has been rather interesting for all major cryptocurrencies. Some altcoins gained value, whereas others struggled to remain stable. As far as the NEO price is concerned, things have certainly evolved in a positive direction. More specifically, the NEO price has successfully risen to over $145 as we speak. It is remarkable growth, […]

NEO Price Reaches a new All-time High of $120

Even though the cryptocurrency markets are still recovering from the Korea debacle, some currencies are noting significant profits. In NEO’s case, for example, things are looking pretty solid. After the NEO price found stability above $100 last week, the value has now soared to over $120. Due to a small pullback, the NEO price is […]

NEO Price Fights for Control Above $100

In the world of cryptocurrency, there are always currencies and assets which reach milestones without people paying attention to it. In the case of NEO, the value surpassed $100 several times in the past few days. This is a positive sign, especially now that the NEO price seems to be stabilizing above the $103 mark. […]

NEO stalling as Bitcoin bounds on

Bitcoin continues to dominate the news as prices nudged over $14,000 in Asian trading this morning, up almost $2,000 in 24 hours. The surge is likely to be off the back of news that the big boys are starting to entertain cryptocurrencies. JP Morgan switching tack and backing Bitcoin as the new gold and Nasdaq […]