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US and Russia Team up to Build a Lunar Space Station

Russia and the United States are not on friendly terms much of the time. There has historically been a lot of political tension between both superpowers, and that situation may not change anytime soon. However, both countries are now collaborating to build the moon’s first space station. It’s an interesting idea, even though it remains to be seen […]

NASA Is Hiring Someone to Defend Our Planet From Aliens

Every kid dreams of becoming an astronaut, but a much cooler position recently opened up at NASA. The agency is looking for a planetary protection officer (PPO), someone who will be in charge of defending the Earth from alien contamination, and who will prevent us from contaminating other worlds we explore. It Pays a Six-Figure Salary As if being […]

NASA to Test Planetary Defense System on Oncoming Asteroid

An asteroid impacting Earth would be a huge catastrophe. The odds of that happening are roughly one in 10,000. Though it is an unlikely scenario, NASA scientists have been preparing for such a space-based threat. On October 12, an asteroid is set to speed past Earth, and scientists at NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO) are planning to […]

Spacex Launching 4,425 Broadband Satellites in 2019: What it Means for Bitcoin

Spacex unveiled on Wednesday details of their plans to deploy a new internet backbone in low-Earth orbit. The private spacecraft company’s 4,425 broadband satellites will create a “mesh network” which could boost Bitcoin’s decentralization. Also read: Do You Think They’ll Use the US Dollar on Mars? What is Spacex? Founded in 2002 by CEO Elon Musk, […]

Do You Think They’ll Use the US Dollar on Mars?

The space age is shifting into a higher gear with extraordinary momentum. The US Congress recently directed NASA to prepare a plan for deep space exploration, which should include sending humans to Mars. Concurrently, private companies continue to create and expand the commercial space market.   In this regard, the fact that Bitcoin is borderless […]