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It’s Official: Bitcoin Was Bigger Than North Korea and the Eclipse This Year

For people who work, live, and trade bitcoin, it can be hard to get a true perspective on the digital currency’s popularity. It’s now been independently confirmed, however, that 2017 really was all about bitcoin. Google’s Year in Search has been published, and it ranks bitcoin as the second biggest news story of 2017, second […]

Starbucks Customer Has His Laptop Hijacked for Cryptocurrency Mining

A Starbucks customer in Buenos Aires walked in for a coffee and wound up with more than he’d bargained. After connecting to the store’s free wifi, the man discovered that his laptop had been hijacked for cryptocurrency mining. Starbucks apologized for the failing, but not before malicious code had been installed on the customer’s computer. […]

Mt Gox Creditors Petition the Court to Get Full Distribution of Bitcoins

Within the cryptocurrency community, the Mt Gox legal proceedings have been a very topical subject with a court case that has been dragged out for four years. Now a group of creditors are pleading with the Tokyo court to change the bankruptcy case to civil rehabilitation. Also Read: Bitcoin’s Price Rise Brings Mt Gox Closer to Solvency  […]

USPTO Approves Bank of America’s Cryptocurrency Exchange Patent

During the first week of December, the second largest bank in the U.S., Bank of America (BOA), was awarded a cryptocurrency exchange patent. The BOA cryptocurrency trading platform’s concept summary outlines three types of accounts where users and businesses can swap digital assets instantly. Also Read: Two Days of Cboe’s Bitcoin Futures Show Intense Volume Fluctuations […]

Bitcoin Can’t Stop Breaking Things

When bitcoin futures trading went live on Sunday night, there were sniggers from the cryptocurrency community after Cboe’s website was instantly knocked offline. “Welcome to bitcoin,” went the refrain. Disruption of service is all part of daily life at several of the web’s largest bitcoin exchanges. In the last 24 hours, Coinbase and Bitfinex have […]

SK Regulator Fines Exchange Operator Bithumb 60 Million Won for Leaking Customer Data

The Korea Communications Commission has fined the operator of Bithumb, South Korea’s largest bitcoin exchange, for leaking users’ private data. This marks the first time the country’s government has taken punitive steps against a cryptocurrency exchange. Also read: South Korea Clarifies Position After Reports of Possible Ban on All Crypto Transactions First Punitive Action Against Crypto […]

Japanese Internet Giant GMO Offers to Pay 4700+ Employees in Bitcoin

Japanese conglomerate GMO Internet Group has introduced a payroll system to allow its 4,700+ employees to receive part of their salaries in bitcoin. Also read: South Korea Clarifies Position After Reports of Possible Ban on All Crypto Transactions GMO Introduces Bitcoin Salary Payment System Japanese Internet leader GMO Group has announced that its employees can start […]

People Are Discovering Bitcoin Worth Thousands of Dollars in Changetip Accounts

Changetip is the gift that keeps giving. One year after the micro-tipping service shut down, account holders are logging in to discover forgotten bitcoin worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The San Francisco-based micropayment platform is no more, but its legacy lives on through forgotten bitcoin shrapnel that is now worth multitudes more. Also […]

Bitflyer CEO Says Japan and Leverage Is Leading Bitcoin Markets Higher

Bitcoin’s value is higher than ever before, and the Japanese yen has been the top currency used within bitcoin’s global trade volume over the past year. According to the CEO of the Tokyo-based trading platform Bitflyer, Yuzo Kano, the current bull run is being bolstered by market movers utilizing leverage.    Also read: This App is […]

Lamassu Adds Bitcoin Cash Giving BCH More ATM Support

Bitcoin cash has been gaining more support from within the automated teller machine ecosystem after a few companies revealed the digital asset would be integrated into their machine’s software. Now, this past week the bitcoin cash (BCH) community got more infrastructure endorsement from the ATM manufacturer Lamassu as the firm announced BCH support has been […]

Bitcoin Gamers Offered Steam Lifeline, Craigslist Goes Crypto

In a blow for serious gamers who use the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin, Steam announced they would no longer accept it as a method of payment. Price volatility and high transaction fees doomed the relationship. In freer economies, however, other companies like Bitrefill see such problems as an opportunity to gain market share by […]

Bitcoin Blackmail Attempts Are On the Rise – But No One’s Paying

It was an audacious and callous scheme. A parcel bomb, mailed to a crowded German market, with a ransom note demanding €10 million in bitcoins. Had the device packed with gunpowder, shrapnel, and nails detonated, the casualties would have been extensive. In the event, the bomb, like the ransom demand, proved to be a damp […]

Forgot the Key to Your Bitcoin Wallet? You Need a Crypto Hypnotist

The rapid acceleration of bitcoin this year has had holders mesmerized – sometimes literally. The currency’s soaring value has sparked renewed interest in old wallets containing digital dust. That shrapnel is now worth a significant amount, prompting account-holders to rack their brains in search of passwords and keyphrases. In Russia, frustrated wallet owners now have […]

Danish Woman Arrested After Allegedly Paying for a Fake Darknet Hitman With Bitcoin

A woman has appeared in court after trying to pay a darknet assassin in bitcoin to kill her partner. Her attempt failed, not due to high transaction fees or a mempool backlog, but because the hitman was fake. Now, the 58-year-old is facing a possible life sentence for attempted murder. Also read: Deep Web Roundup: […]

10 Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Tokyo Police Unite to Fight Cyber Crime

Ten Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges have signed an agreement with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department to collaborate to prevent cyber crime. Along with growing bitcoin adoption in Japan is the number of cybercrime cases including unauthorized access to online accounts and money laundering. Also read: Japan Increases Lead – Approves Another Four New Cryptocurrency Exchanges 10 Exchanges […]