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The Jenkins Miner is the Biggest Botnet Mining Monero

Cryptocurrency mining operations come in many different shapes and sizes. 0Running a profitable Bitcoin mining firm requires a lot of hardware and space. For altcoin mining, things are very different. Unfortunately, the Jenkins Miner is not a legitimate operation. Although it is the biggest of its kind, it’s 100% malicious. It also seems to be […]

Monero’s XMR Breaks Through $300 Despite its Mining Controversy

Monero’s XMR has been seeing massive gains recently. This is despite a piece of malware that has been concerning the cryptocurrency crowd. XMR tested the $300 resistance level on Thursday after seeing its second consecutive bullish market sentiment. What is Monero’s XMR? Monero is an open-source cryptocurrency created in April 2014. It focuses on privacy […]

Report Claims Litecoin is the Second Most Adopted Currency on Dark Marketplaces

A recent study has revealed Litecoin to be the second most adopted means of payment among dark marketplaces. The study also indicated a significant increase in adoption of Monero among English-speaking platforms. Also Read: South Korean Prosecutor Fights to Confiscate Bitcoins from Criminal Proceeds Dark Marketplaces Increase Altcoin Adoption The study, conducted by Recorded Future, involved […]

View Adds Or Mine Cryptocurrency, Salon Gives You The Choice

Deal with ads and pop-ups or become a corporate crypto-mining minion. These will be your choices from now on when you go to Salon’s website. Add free for miners In a bid to replace revenue lost from the number of browsers who have enabled ad-blocking programs Salon will now give you a choice, turn off your […]

Europol Estimates Cryptocurrencies Account for 4% of Illicitly Trafficked Cash in Europe

Criminals in Europe are using cryptocurrencies to launder as much as $5.5 billion (£4 billion) in illegal money according to the head of Europol, the EU’s policing agency. Director of Europol, Rob Wainwright, estimates that around 4% of all criminal proceeds in Europe are being funneled through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin — and he expects this […]

UK, Australian Government Websites Cryptojacked by Mining Malware

Mining malware is spreading like wildfire, every week now we run another story on some platform or other falling victim to it. As cryptocurrencies become far more lucrative than ransomware or identity theft incidents of exploits will only increase. Various governmental departments in Australia and the UK were found frantically calling the tech guys over […]

The Best Monero Wallets of 2018

Every cryptocurrency in the world has its own set of wallet solutions. Whether one wants to use paper storage, a desktop client, or a web wallet, all of these tools can be found for all cryptocurrencies which take themselves somewhat seriously. In the case of Monero, there are a few different solutions to choose from, although there was […]

Litecoin And Dash Are Taking Over The Dark Web

Bitcoin is essentially the poster child for cryptocurrencies, and that’s becoming a problem for cybercriminals dealing on the dark web. Researchers from Recorded Future, a threat intelligence company that monitors forums on the dark web where many illegal transactions are arranged, looked through 150 of the dark web’s top marketplaces and found that the Bitcoin […]

Crypto Mining Malware Attacking Android in China

Security researchers have discovered more malicious mining software that exploits Google’s Android operating system. Attackers are constantly seeking out vulnerabilities in popular platforms and none gets bigger than Android which powers millions of machines. This new thread has managed to infect thousands of systems within days according to researchers. It has been reported that cyber-security […]

This Week in Bitcoin: Half Full or Half Empty?

Doomsdayers out in force; Paul Krugman being Paul Krugman; Tether upto its usual tricks and the usual gamut of scams, schemes, and shakedowns. It’s been emotional. It’s been nerve-wracking. But it’s also been a total riot. Welcome to This Week in Bitcoin. Also read: Trading Tip `The Wall´ – I Was Wrong We’re All Gonna Make […]