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Elite Universities in U.S. Offering More and More Cryptocurrency Courses

Several elite universities in the U.S. have added — or are rushing to add — cryptocurrency courses that teach about Bitcoin and associated record-keeping technologies. This semester, graduate-level courses are available at Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, Duke, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University of Maryland, among other schools. This helps highlight public interest in […]

MIT Creates Delayed Vaccination Capsules

Ever since vaccinations were discovered to be incredibly effective in preventing contagious and dangerous diseases, the medical community has tried to broaden the range of preventative measures and make existing ones even more effective. Currently, vaccination schedules can span months or years and require multiple injections which can be stressful for patients. Engineers and researchers at […]

This New Robot Navigates Crowds With Relative Ease

Most people look at robots as an invasive form of technology. After all, surely they are out to take our jobs sooner or later and will only cause more problems as time moves along. MIT has come up with a new robot that politely nudges crowds when necessary to move along. That is quite an unusual form […]

MIT Study Shows Exclusivity Encourages Greater Bitcoin Adoption

MIT launched a study in 2014 that showed early adopters help to spread new technology throughout society, if they feel they have exclusive access to it. The study’s official research paper was released on Friday, which was published in Science. The experimenters used bitcoin as the “new technology” in the study. Also read: Paul Sztorc Suggests Revising Bitcoin’s Scaling Roadmap […]